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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Mahendrawada Kamesh

Drama Romance Action


Mahendrawada Kamesh

Drama Romance Action

The Day The State Split Asunder - 54

The Day The State Split Asunder - 54

15 mins



'Are you serious Vineetha? You are telling me all these things to me now?' Swamiji asked.

    'He thought of surprising everyone. He dreamed of high TRP ratings for the channel, but, he…' Vineetha said.

    'Vineetha, we should be extremely careful while dealing with people of high profile. Looks like you only told me half of the story. What happened after meeting him that night?'

    'I didn't contact him again. He was found dead in his apartment three days later.'

    'Who might have killed him?' Karthik asked.

    'It can be either Dr.MadhuSudhan or Rajath. I have been following their movements for ten days and I found some interesting things.'    

    'What are they?' Swamiji asked.

    'Rajath and MadhuSudhan knew each other. I saw them meeting at a five-star hotel. And also Rajath has an affair with a tollywood actress.'

    'Who is she?'

    'Actress Nakshatra. She acted in one of the films which of course was a blockbuster disaster. Rajath was the producer of that movie.'

    Looks like the Shatru Nasana Homam had yielded good results. So a move has already been made. It's time to take it to the next level… Swamiji thought.

   'Uncle, we should not leave them,' Vineetha said. 'We must do something. I can't fight it alone. I need your help. You had already dealt with Dhyaneshwar before. You know everything about him.'

    'Don't worry. Everything will fall in place. It's sad to lose Suresh. But he will be forever remembered for the sacrifice that he made. For now you can leave. I will tell you what we can do next. Give me some time to prepare my plan of action.'

    'Ok uncle!' Vineetha said and stood up, adjusting her curly hair.

    'Uncle, I will also leave!' Karthik said and he too stood up.

    'Ok!' Swamiji replied.

    Vineetha left and Karthik followed her. As he stepped out another man with round spectacles and dressed in a neat white shirt and black pants entered Swamiji's house. Karthik glanced back but once again turned his attention towards Vineetha as he didn't have an interaction with her. For him meeting Vineetha was more important than the mysterious visitor.

    'Vineetha,' he called her from behind. She stopped and turned back at him as soon as she sat on her scooty. 

    'If you don't mind, can we have a talk in private? Why don't we go to any cafe?' Karthik suggested.

    Vineetha hesitated for a moment. But Karthik knows the entire story of her affair with Suresh. A trust has already been established on a subconscious level which gave her a green signal to proceed.

    'Sure,' she replied, returning a smile at him.

    'I am sorry for whatever has happened to you. I can understand the pain that you are going through, because I also love someone,' Karthik said, as soon as they settled in the cafe.

   'Suresh and I planned a lot. I was about to tell everything to my parents about my love for him. But everything got ruined,' Vineetha said and tears once again trickled down her cheeks. Her nose became pink.

    'Control yourself. See, treat me like your own brother. I don't have any sister or brother. I am the only son of my parents. Today, I accept you as a God given sister. You can tell me whatever you want.'

    'Thank you so much. Even, I am the only daughter of my parents.'

   'I don't understand why our parents decided to just have only one child. We need siblings as well,' Karthik tried to bring humour into the air which indeed worked as Vineetha smiled for the second time.

    'By the way, who is the girl that you loved?' Vineetha too switched the topic.

    'It is Sanjana. Daughter of Raghavendra who was the best friend of Swami uncle.'

    'I see! Cool!'

    'Do you know her?'

    'No! Just asking. I know everything that happened between Swami uncle and Dhyaneshwar. Did you express your love to Sanjana?'

    'No! Just waiting for the right time.'

    'For how long will you prolong? Remember, we need to have as many memories as possible with our loved one's. Suresh and I had many amazing memories together. I am happy that at least I had spent a good amount of time with him.'

    'I will soon do it. But we need to destroy Dhyaneshwar. Swami uncle will plan something. Let's together help him in this mission.'

    'I am always ready! I am not going to leave him!'

   The same night, Swamiji dialled Vineetha and Karthik, and asked them to meet him the following morning. He sounded a bit happy which left Karthik surprised what secret weapon he found against Dhyaneshwar. 

The following morning, following Swamiji's advice, Karthik and Vineetha met him at his home.

    'Uncle, why did you ask us to meet all of a sudden? Did you think about the plan?' Karthik asked, as soon as he stepped in.

    'Karthik and Vineetha, I have a task for you. Both of you go and meet the Income Tax Officer Rajesh Thakur.'

    'Why all of a sudden?' Vineetha asked.

    'We should get Dr. MadhuSudhan arrested,' Swamiji said, crossing his leg.

    'What is the use of getting Dr.MadhuSudhan arrested?'

'We have proof that he had received a huge sum of amounts from Rajath. That is enough to put him behind the bars.'

    'I think this could land us in problems,' Vineetha said. 'If the police get to know that we have been hiding the evidence, I might fall into trouble.'

    'I know how to handle them. Just do what I say,' Swamiji said.

    'But uncle, I still didn't understand your intention behind this.'

    'You will get to know everything soon. One should always take advantage when luck is on their side. Now please don't delay anymore. Please go and meet Rajesh and Vineetha,' Swamiji turned towards Vineetha and said, 'please don't mention about Suresh's murder.'

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