Mahendrawada Kamesh

Drama Action Crime


Mahendrawada Kamesh

Drama Action Crime

The Day The State Split Asunder - 56

The Day The State Split Asunder - 56

13 mins

Evening at 06:30 PM Karthik and Sanjana reached the Seven Wonders restaurant. It was a unique themed restaurant sprawled with portraits and paintings of seven wonders of the world.

'Wow! This is indeed a nice restaurant!' Sanjana exclaimed, gazing at the panorama of seven wonders posters on the wall, 'If I have money, I would definitely love to visit all the seven wonders.'

'Sanjana! Even you are also a wonder, for which even seven wonders will wonder,' Karthik said, looking at her cute face.

'Karthik, every human being is a wonder. Not only humans, even animals, mountains, rivers, oceans are wonderful creations of God.'

'I still don't understand why they have chosen only seven wonders?'

'Even I am not sure. But you know what, since my childhood I always dreamed of going to Egypt.'

'We already have one of the wonders here in India, the Taj Mahal.'

'Ya! I can start from there. The remaining six involve a lot of money.'

'Don't worry. Soon you will become a millionaire. But promise me that you will also take me along with you.'

'You again started!'

'No I am serious. You are truly a millionaire. Just believe that you are and you will get it.'

'Seriously Karthik, you are something different.'

'I too want that only,' he said in a low murmur.'

'Did you say something?'

'No! Nothing!'

'Well! Today I will pay the bill. You already paid before. This time it's my turn,' she rose from her seat, 'I will be back in a minute. Need to use the washroom.'

'Okay!' Karthik said, he has been waiting for this moment.

After she left he took her handbag and placed the letter in the first zip and kept it back in its previous position. 

Finally accomplished. God it's all up to you now.

Sanjana returned from the washroom in ten minutes.

'Sanjana! I have some urgent work. I need to leave now. But I kept something in the first zip of your bag. Please do have a look at it after reaching home. Bye!'

As he got down he removed the sim card from his mobile and inserted another sim into it. He made a first call through his new sim to his best friend Adarsh.

Adarsh: Hello

Karthik: Arnold, this is me Karthik.

Adarsh: Are you calling from a different number?

Karthik: Yes. I actually need one small help.

Adarsh: Tell me.

Karthik: Can you please grant me leave for ten days.

Adarsh: So, you will not be attending tomorrow's new year party also.

Karthik: Actually I need to go to my village. I have some personal work with regard to some properties.

Adarsh: OK buddy. In case you need anything just let me know.

Karthik: Thank you so much Arnold. I will call you later bye.

Finally my task is done.

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