Mahendrawada Kamesh

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Mahendrawada Kamesh

Abstract Drama Action

The Day The State Split Asunder - 59

The Day The State Split Asunder - 59

3 mins

Led by Income tax commissioner Thakur, the IT official sleuths raided Dr.MadhuSudhan's house and combed the entire house and unearthed several gold and silver ornaments along with a dozen promissory notes, investment bonds, three four-wheelers all SUV'S and five two-wheelers. In addition to all the above he even owned a wine shop and a restaurant on Hyderabad-Vijayawada national highway. 

Apart from being a government employee he was also running two private clinics in Hyderabad in the name of his relatives and what surprised them more is the registration certificates of more than one hundred medical stores registered under different names.

One of the officers walked into MadhuSudhan's bedroom and recovered a briefcase in the closet. When they opened it, they found inside several bundles of one thousand rupee notes and the total sum amounted to five crores. Within no time the reporters from all news channels including HBN-7 rushed to MadhuSudhan's home and started airing the visuals on the television. 

Dr. MadhuSudhan who was unprepared for such a raid felt as if earth's gravity were growing stronger by the second, trying to drag him down into the underworld darkness. He started his career as a psychiatrist and has been working at Erragadda Mental Institute for over twenty years. Slowly as the years passed he got promoted as the superintendent of the institute and today his beautiful career has come to a halt. He is no more than a criminal in the eyes of law.  

'Dr. MadhuSudhan, Who gave you this amount?' Thakur placed the briefcase in front.

'This is not mine! My friend just informed me to keep this amount with me,' When he spoke, his tone was emotionless, an attempt to give the impression that he is innocent. 

'What is the name of your friend?' Thakur demanded.

'His name is…' MadhuSudhan stammered for a moment. 'Ra! Raju!'

Thakur sensed the nervousness in his tone. 'I see! So you call your friend Rajath with the nickname Raju. Wonderful! Looks like you two guys have developed a very good bonding! Can you let me know the reason why Rajath alias Raju has trusted the amount with you instead of depositing it in a bank?'

A searing bolt of pain travelled directly to MadhuSudhan's head and his heart started accelerating faster. 'What-What are you talking about? I don't understand what you are saying!'

Thakur asked one of his officials to give him the photographs that were given by Vineetha. He took it from him and gave it to MadhuSudhan. 

'You received a sum of five crore rupees from Rajath and we have the evidence,' Thakur said to MadhuSudhan.

MadhuSudhan fell silent, scanning the photographs in horror. He felt perspiration rising on his forehead as there's no way left for him to bypass. 

'Who took these photographs?' MadhuSudhan asked, exchanging a nervous look with Thakur.

'That's none of your business Dr.MadhuSudhan! Tell me why did Rajath give you that amount and why did he give you this amount?' Thakur demanded.

Dr.MadhuSudhan wore a dumb look on his face and didn't answer anything to his question. MadhuSudhan's wife broke into tears looking at the state of her husband. She was ignorant of all these illegal transactions made by him. 

'Dr.MadhuSudhan all these assets are disproportionate to your sources of income. We are arresting you!' Thakur said and ordered his subordinates to take Dr.MadhuSudhan into his custody.

The officials took all the evidence including the laptop, briefcase and the registration certificates of pharmacy stores along with them.

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