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The Day The State Split Asunder - 61

The Day The State Split Asunder - 61

6 mins

A month ago… 

Rajath received a call from the reception desk. 

‘Hello,’ Rajath said.

‘Sir, there's someone here to see you. He says he wants to discuss a movie plot. He claims he has a super hit story.’

For an instant Rajath thought about handing him over to the security but realizing that this person has something urgent to discuss, he decided to allow him. ‘Okay send him in,’ he said to the receptionist.

The door to his cabin opened slowly. At last, it swung fully open revealing a smiling young man dressed in neat formal clothing. He was tall, lean and muscular and his eyes and his piercing brown eyes that sliced clear through were fuming with rage and happiness, resembled that of a lion that has cornered its prey. 

‘Are you the one?’ Rajath asked in a commanding tone after a long moment of uncomfortable silence.

‘Well, Sir! My name is Suresh and I actually came here to tell you a story?’

‘Good! It’s my dream to produce a super hit movie. If I like your story, then just don’t worry about the budget. I am ready to spend a hundred crores. Now tell me the story.’

Suresh sat on the chair opposite him. ‘See Mr.Rajath. The story begins like this. The name of the hero is Naresh. One day his friend falls sick and admits him to a hospital. The doctor examined him and later tells Naresh that the cause of his sickness was because of over medication I mean the doctor prescribed him the drugs which were not at all required like prescribing Malaria drugs for normal fever and so on. There he learns some interesting facts about one of the pharma companies that pay commissions to doctors for prescribing their drugs. And on top of all these things they are also involved in illegal clinical trials without adhering to the ICMR guidelines of 2000. Naresh began his investigation and found that the man behind that is none other than the vice-chairman of a big pharmaceutical industry like yours and his name is Rajath.’

Rajath felt the tremors under his feet. ‘Who are you? You didn’t come here to make a movie?’ Rajath demanded. 

‘See Mr Rajath, I know how precious time is for millionaires like you. Without wasting much time I will come straight to the topic. I know everything about your scam.’ 

Rajath fell silent for a moment. ‘Tell me what do you want? I think you are expecting something from me?’

‘Now you came on the right track. If you want me to keep my mouth shut, just pay me ten crores. Ten crores is not a big amount for you.

‘What?! Ten crores?’ Rajath was nonplussed for a moment and was struggling to get the words out.

‘If you are not comfortable with ten, then make it fifteen crores. It is also a multiple of five.’

‘You are committing a big mistake in messing up with me. You will definitely pay a heavy price for this.’

‘Cool down! Relax! There's no use in shouting upon me. Your horoscope is in my hand and right now, I am the master of your fate and the captain of your ship. You can't do anything except surrender to me. And I am not a cruel person. I don't want fifteen crores, let's get back to our previous deal of ten crores. Tell me when are you going to give it to me? One more point, I am not going to accept any cheque. I want it to be paid in cash.’

‘If I don't?’

‘I will broadcast all the evidence on the television. You will be seized, penalized and arrested. Your company will be closed and all your money licked. Tell me which is better? Losing ten crores or everything?’

‘Are you blackmailing me? Do you know who my father is and who is behind me? I am the son of one of the biggest industrialists in this state.’ Rajath took the telephone receiver.

‘But I have your head in mine. I am giving you time till tomorrow. Pay me the ten crores and I will never show my face to you again and I will even destroy the evidence. If not, your entire life story will be on air the day after tomorrow. You will have to spend your entire lifetime in jail. Think carefully Mr.Rajath. I am leaving for now,’ Suresh rose from his seat, 'remember Rajath only one day. I will tell you later how and where you should bring it over the phone. See you soon...' after having said that Suresh stormed out of the room humming a tune.

The sudden change, of course, filled him with strange disquietude. That entire night he has been sleepless. He wasn't sure still how many proofs are present with Suresh. He was finding it difficult to decide whether to pay him the sum of ten crores or instead run away somewhere and hide? At one moment he thought of informing his father but later dropped it again.

‘If I inform Dad, he will definitely get angry. But if I pay Suresh ten crores, who knows whether he will remain true to his words. He can still blackmail me and keep demanding the amount. I should do something to keep his mouth shut. But what can I do?’

The evening had finally come and his mind was still at the crossroads.

Tring! The telephone on his desk rang.

‘Hello, Mr.Rajath. What did you decide? Ten crores or jail?’

‘See ten crores is not a small amount.’

‘Crores of rupees are sitting in your bank accounts. As a venture capitalist, your father has provided capital funding for more than fifty start-up companies in Hyderabad and you are saying that you don't have the money. Don't try to fool me. The amount that I am asking doesn't even constitute one per cent of your entire wealth. See, I am giving you time till midnight. If you fail to give me the amount, then get ready to sit in jail. Goodbye!’

‘Now it's time to keep his mouth shut forever!’ Rajath thought. He dialled the reception desk on his intercom and asked them to send the visitor's register log. At his company, all the visitors are supposed to show a photo identity proof with an address and the same needs to be entered into the register along with the purpose of visit, entry time and exit time. He took note of Suresh's address and started drafting a plan in his mind.

Rajath soaked a cloth with chloroform solution and placed a knife in his pocket. At 10:30 PM the night, he got down to the parking lot and got into his car. He parked his vehicle just three hundred metres away from the apartment where Suresh lived. He walked into the apartment and the security guard was asleep on his chair which has become a blessing.

Climbing three floors, he knocked on Suresh's door. Suresh opened the door and no sooner did he open the door than Rajath pushed him inside, circling his arm around his neck and placing the kerchief on Suresh's face. He then slit his throat with a knife. He then walked into Suresh's room and took away the laptop and mobile along with him.

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