Unveiling the Enchanting Journey of a 14-Year-Old & Discover Life's Secrets Through 'My Slice of Life'. Grab it NOW!!
Unveiling the Enchanting Journey of a 14-Year-Old & Discover Life's Secrets Through 'My Slice of Life'. Grab it NOW!!

Shaheen Ansari

Classics Inspirational Children


Shaheen Ansari

Classics Inspirational Children

A Letter To Son

A Letter To Son

5 mins

Dear Son,

Nowadays there are too many opinions on everyone that have been given on every topic from a different point of view of every other individual. May some people get offended by others' viewpoint and some may support that view. That doesn’t mean that it would be the exact point for that topic. Some of the things which happen and never get that light which makes it reach out to the people. And some things just get over-highlighted. 

Here, its about the girl’s life, from the beginning to end, from so many things to face, to cope up with and too many sacrifices they made. It's not the point that boys life is easy but comparatively they just face a few fewer things than girls does. From child to adult, they face few things which are known and unknown, also sometimes get ignored which eventually affects them for longer.

There are girls, who are being brought up from childhood to stay likable and never compare yourself to boys because you are a girl. You can’t be and act like boys. And also the girls get judged by how they act, what they wear, and many more things. Because girls are always being taught to be perfect as they have the future to handle and family to bring up. No one tells them to be themselves and live life on your own terms. When they enter adolescence phase the just face something which is sometimes a dreadful nightmare to some girls “Period”. That is the phase when every girl once in their lifetime thinks that why I am not a boy rather than being a girl and facing this pain every month which sometimes became unbearable. And though they manage to live with that pain.

As they became adults, there come social responsibilities, where it is equal for all but people judge them by who are they, what work they do, what they are up to, what are their marital status and most importantly, at what time they are coming to the home. Some of the factors are like that are always the one which structures their character and get judged by not only parents but mostly by the people who are around them. That doesn’t make them weak or get affected by that and stop working but they make their point clear to others. Especially, the girls are always being questioned, if they do or came into any consequences and everything ends up questioning her character. Sometimes some people being aware of the things that ignore what boys do but end up telling that girls are wrong.

And the stage comes where the marriage proposals start. At that time, if they don’t want to get married, they always get questioned, or ultimately parents are dragged into the matter. And people just give their useless comments on a girl like that there must be some problem with her or she is into something or she is not up to the mark. Why they don’t get spared if they want to be single for life. At one point parents do also get convinced by what the people say. What if the girl’s parents are agreed with their decision, there are always going to be the society of that four people who going to judge her anyhow. And will always going to raise questions like why she is not married yet? By ending up to comparing them with other girls who have likely made few decisions in the pressure of what society would think about her and her parents. Why people don’t get the concept of individuality, some decisions are the individuals own feeling, thoughts, and perspective to see life.

There must be every girl’s opinion should be respected, must be listened to and not by getting judged. There are also some superwomen who exist, who do works and also handles her family by also listening to society. And manages to balance the work and married life equally because they can’t just leave her dreams which she has thrived for. There are so many other things which they face in daily life. As it includes the skin tone, how they look or they are fat or slim, and who are they. Every girl is beautiful in her own way through one or another way people make them feel like shit sometimes because of her external look.

I just wanted to make you aware of these things because son I want you to be the foremost person who should be good at everything and simultaneously know to respect girls and also understand her situation. So always respect everyone around you whether its boy or girl, elder or younger, short or tall, black or fair, everyone because every individual deserves the same respect. Also, try not to get influence and judge anyone by what people say about them rather just know them and then by what you experience act up like that because without knowing someone you can’t end up to what others say about them. And also take the responsibilities which are not limited to girls, you must also know how to cook and to manage things around you. And always make your perspective wide to see any situation from every angle or every point of view.

Lastly, I would just say that son, I must have told you about girls but there is something more important is that being the best version of humans. Always be who you never lose yourself to influence others. And be strong in every situation by tackling it more consciously. Being sentimental with your feelings would not make you weak but that makes you strong as you are easily being able to express your feelings. Also being muscular strong will not make you superior but the way you think and how you respect makes you more intelligent. And always hope for the best rather than losing in any situation just try to face the consequences and make things work.

Hopefully, the things which I said make an impact on you by being the best person and the more responsible one. Always remember that God has made every individual with their own precious talent and something which is just cannot be imitated by others. So be the amazing version of God’s creation.

Yours lovingly,


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