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Dr. Venus Bansal

Classics Inspirational Children


Dr. Venus Bansal

Classics Inspirational Children

THE QUIZ {Children}

THE QUIZ {Children}

9 mins


"Sujata.. come here", said Jameela to her DAUGHTER.

"Are you coming or not? Are you even listening Sujata??? " asked Jameela in agitation.

"What AMMI.. you never let me study", said Sujata in irritation.

"What will you gain with this study?? In the end, you will have to marry and do all these chores as I do. Nobody cares about our kind of lower-class people. They want us to do LABOUR work, if we people also start studying then who will do the labor work", said Jameela to make her daughter understand the reality of their life.

Sujata ignored whatever her mother said and asked

"Why were you calling me?"

"Oh yes, go to market and get milk. Take these 30 rupees. After that, you have to go to the farm to give your Father and brother food. So make it fast and listen don't get involved with anyone. Just go shopping and come back.

Are you listening to me?? "asked Jameela who knew her daughter.

"Okay, Ammi... I got it. You talk so much. I am not a kid anymore. I will do as you say", said Sujata getting a little irritated by her mother's advice, as she was bored of listening same things again and again.

Sujata took the money and went out mumbling,

"Why I took birth here? I could have been born at some good place".

She looked up at SKY and said," it's all your mistake. I will not leave you easily".

Sujata bought milk and was coming back when she saw an old age man, lying on ROAD side and was looking SICK and HUNGRY.

She went to him and asked why he was lying there. The beggar told her in a very low voice that he was so hungry that he could not even sit.

Sujata felt so bad, without thinking much, she bought a cup of tea and a packet of biscuits with leftover money and also asked the shopkeeper to add one extra spoon of sugar as she read somewhere in science that sugar changes to glucose and the body needs glucose to work.

She helped the beggar in sitting and let him eat.

She got late coming back home and get scolded by her mother, Jameela also scolded her for wasting money on random people.

Sujata took the lunch box and ran to the farm.

Her father and brother sat below TREE and ate ROTI with SABJI. Sujata waited for them to finish the food and she started playing with the COW, who was bound on the other side of the tree.

Sujata is a 12years old girl and she had to stop going to school so that they could save some money. His father had taken a loan to start a new small business, but that didn't work out and they were under loan now.

Her father and brother worked as laborers and her mother also worked as a maid in other houses to earn more money. Her study seemed unwanted to her parents.

But Sujata had a keen interest in studying, she used to gather old books from other people and would study whenever got time.

One day, When she went with her mother to work at someone else's HOUSE. She started reading newspapers, after finishing her work as her mother was still at work.

She read about a quiz contest for children under 12 years, that contest would take place in the city, which was 30kms from her hometown.

And the winner will get 20,000rupees.

She was staring at the newspaper and thinking if only she could also participate.

She asked Shardha, the owner of the house if she could take that newspaper with her. Shardha allowed her.

Sujata came to her home when in the evening her brother came, she called him inside and told him to talk in private.

"Bhaiya, see this", Abhay read the advertisement.

"You want to participate?" asked Abhay, who knew her sister very well and also loved her.

"What how will you do? 100 rupees for participation, that I can give you. But the city is too far", asked Abhay.

"Bhaiya, there must be some bus going to that place. We have to look for it. As you can see the prize money is 20,000rupees. It will help our family If I could win", said Sujata.

"You are right, that I will do. But to register we have to go to Manish Uncle's computer cafe. I don't know how to register. He will do the registration", said Abhay.

" he will tell papa all. You know him. Something else..think something else", said Sujata.

"Listen Sujata, without telling Ammi, ABBA, how can you go for it? We have to tell them", said Abhay.

"No Bhaiya, they will never allow. Registration fees then ticket fees for the bus. There is no guarantee that I will win, but I want to try. I have read so many books. But our parents will not understand it. For them it is a waste of money", said Sujata with a sad face.

"Let me think, we still have 3days to register. I will come up with some plans. Till then you focus on studying...okay? Don't get sad. I could not do anything in my life in studies, but I will definitely help you to do something", said Abhay and left with a tense mind.


On the last day of registration. Sujata was very sad because still there was nothing that could be done.

Shardha asked her about her sadness.

She refused to say anything and looked at her mother.

Shardha took her outside in the garden and asked her again. Sujata tried to avoid but Shardha kept on asking.

In the end, Sujata told her everything.

"Such a little thing and you are so sad. You should have told me earlier. I asked your mother about your studies, but then she said that you were not interested in studies and that's why you have left school", said Shardha.

"Don't tell Ammi about it, Aunty. She will get angry. I like studies but our financial condition is not good. She does not like to tell anyone about our conditions and to save money, I had to left school", said Sujata crying.

"Don't cry. I will register your name. I can help you with going to school also, I will pay for your school fees and I will go with you on quizzes too. We will not tell your mother about it", said Shardha with a fake smile.

Sujata came home happily and ran to her brother to tell him all.

"No Sujata, I am not liking it. Why would someone help us so much? It's just been 10 days since Ammi started going there. I don't trust her. Without telling at home, going with a stranger, it's not good", said Abhay being angry.

"If you want to go, I will go with you. In the evening I am going to my friend's house, he knows all the internet stuff and has a laptop at home. He will do the registration", said Abhay.

"And what about going to the city?? That aunty will help us. We both can go with her", said Sujata getting happy.

"You are still a small girl, you don't know the dark side of people. You yourself are so good that for you all are good. But the world is not as good as you think. Never ever trust anyone blindly", said Abhay to make her sister understand.

"No Bhaiya, there are good people too", said Sujata.

Abhay took a deep breath and said, " I will help you in all things, don't ask anyone else. Your elder brother is with you", said Abhay.

"And yes, tomorrow tell your aunty that you have dropped the idea of going".


Two days before the quiz, Abhay told his father that in a nearby village, his friend is getting married and he also wanted to attend his marriage.

At first, his father tried to avoid it, but then eventually said yes, as he knew his son work very hard at the farm, and he should let him enjoy a little bit too.

Then Abhay asked his father," Abba, I will take Sujata too. She will also enjoy".

"Yes yes.. bhaiya. I will also go", said Sujata and hugged Abhay.

Jameela opposed the idea but Abhay convinced her saying that I will always be with her.

Abhay had researched transport.

One day before the quiz, Abhay was still unsure to go without letting his father know.

He was afraid if by any chance anything went wrong, then at least their parents should know, where to look for them.

Abhay gathered some courage and told his father about his lie and also about their plan.

Rajesh, his father, got angry.

He started scolding Abhay.

"You are spoiling her. You should not support her every time"

"Abba, just think carefully.

I support her, that's why she came to me, if I would be behaving like you then that Shardha aunty, she would have convinced her. And God knows what her plans were. Sujata is a kid. She sees people in a different way.

And Abba, what's wrong with studying? I was not good at studies, so I Didn't mind. But she likes and you know, she is sharp in her studies. We should help her in her dreams to come true otherwise someone else will take advantage of her.

And if she wins, the money will be for us only.

This is what I wanted to say. Else it's your wish. I didn't want to go without telling you", said Abhay all in one breath and left.

Rajesh kept on thinking, he realised how lucky he was to have such a good and mature son. He would just think about loans all time. He was guilty, thinking everyone was suffering because of him.


"Don't go here and there, always be with your brother", said Jameela to Sujata who was totally unaware.

Rajesh called Abhay outside and gave him 800rupees and said," you have opened my eyes. Don't tell Sujata".

Abhay hugged her father in tears.

They went to the city. It was a bit difficult for them to search but Abhay managed to do all and reached on time.

Quiz started. It was in rounds.

Sujata made it to the last round.

Then there was a short break

"You are doing good. Just last round and then we will celebrate", said Abhay.

"It is getting difficult now. But Bhaiya I am feeling more confident now. Right now, Ammi's words are running in my mind".

"What words??"

"One day she told me, what will you gain with this study? I want to tell Ammi, the study is neither useless nor unwanted".

"Just win this quiz and Ammi will understand her daughter", said Abhay and hugged her sister.

The last round was too difficult. But Sujata was now in full confidence. She was just a few steps away from her aim.

And finally, Sujata won.

Abhay started jumping in the excitement in his seat and Sujata was in tears.

Her name was called for Prize money.

Sujata took her brother with her. So many claps. So many people shouted her name. Sujata was feeling out of the world. She was thinking, only if her parents could also see all this.


Sujata and Abhay came out of the bus and there, and she saw so many people standing there. A dhol was arranged by her father.

Sujata was shocked. Rajesh and Jameela hugged their daughter. Few people were clicking pictures.

This show was live on TV.

When Abhay came to know, that show would go live, he called his father.

Everyone saw Sujata winning.

A few local reporters also came to her house to get interviews.

When one reporter asked about her school, Jameela told him, "She will again start her school soon. We will do more hard work to make sure my Sujata could study".

Sujata looked at her mother in surprise. This quiz turns out to be a life-changing event of her life.

This story promotes child education, especially for those who are very keen to study, and also proper parenting like listening to your child, and teaching them good and bad.

And also encourages parents not to spoil their child's future due to their own failures.

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