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Harshit Sah

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Harshit Sah

Classics Others

Osaka Desert

Osaka Desert

2 mins

Note: Not Real

Do You Know that there is a hot desert in Antarctica called the Osaka Desert named after Robert Osaka, the founder of that desert?

There is a volcano too in the desert. It's active till now. It has burst more than a hundred times till now.

It is a mysterious desert. It has many secrets. There would be many questions in your mind. I know.

It was found in the year 1981 by Robert Osaka. This part is about him. He was an explorer, a curious explorer. He was a famous explorer. When he was exploring Antarctica. He found a sound of burst from south pole. A smoke was rising up in the air. He took 2 months to reach there. When he saw that he became surprised. When he approached there he found molten and dead bodies of Penguins.

When he went further he found molten ice and molten trees. When he went further he found that there was a hill which was burst from the top. That was not a glacier or a mountain or a hill it was a volcano.

When he climbed that volcano from the top he found that there was magma hot magma inside that mountain. He rested there for a few hours and clicked many photographs as proof.

After a while, he spotted that the magma was rising up faster and faster. He realized that something was wrong. He along with his crew ran from there at a speed touching 40. They left their camera there only.

When he reached a safe area they noticed that they left their basic needs along with camera there only.

Only food for one night was left. They ran as fast as they can. At last they travelled a distance of 100 kilometers in a whole day and reached there where they left their ship.

He told the story to the other crew members but they not believed. He went back to his country.

After 2 years this news was viral in the whole world. The satellites were pointed to the south pole. But they found nothing for more than 10 years.

The explorer Robert Osaka Died in a car accident.

After two years Dr. Hillary Osaka, son of Robert Osaka again went for the volcano and he found that there. There was also a desert there. He named that desert there as Osaka South Pole Hot Desert. He clicked many photographs there and found the proof. Now, A race started to find secrets

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