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Silence (Part 4)

Silence (Part 4)

2 mins

As the years passed the cases rose to 1000 of a single killer. His main attack area was China Town.

He made history for all criminals. The citizens of China Town were now in the panic of being killed.

The killer was unknown. He attacked once a week.

China Town was now in a miserable condition.

The police were giving its best in finding the thief.

He was now an international criminal with 1000 kills and 400 rapes.

There was a quick emergency to catch him. Many areas were locked. Many suspects were found. But, no one was the culprit. No fingerprints, no postage, nothing.

The killer was a mystery. A call rang again in Police Headquarters. " I am Hillary from the China town, reporting blackmail from a killer. I don't know his name or a face but I have noted his number and giving it to you.

122 648 12 12

Oh, Thank You

"What about my...

"Hello, where are you. Hello,"

A police team went to his house and found him dead. But today, he did some Negligence.

He left his fingerprint there only. It was a great clue for the police. Now there was a lock in the whole area of 2 km. Each and Every Person was being fingerprint scanned.

But the killer was clever. Each and everyone was scanned but the fingerprint matched with no one.

The killer was wearing a fake fingerprint.

There was another call in San Francisco Police Headquarters. The call was directly by the killer to the office.

The police traced the call and found that the call was from a common resident.

The killer said, " I am going to kill one police officer today at 12 O'clock."

The call panicked each and everyone in the Headquarter.

Each and every policeman was under observation today by a special team and cameras.

What they can do now? The policeman who picked up the call was...

The police reached the traced location but the location was fake. No fingerprints matched with the house. It belonged to an old man. He was very panicked and saying continuously"I am not a criminal, I am not a criminal." The next day he was too dead.

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