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Harshit Sah

Thriller Others


Harshit Sah

Thriller Others

Silence (Part 2)

Silence (Part 2)

2 mins 63 2 mins 63

The Code ZX CV BNM was a mystery which was never solved. Today was now the second day of unsolved code.

Suddenly a call rang in San Francisco Headquarters. "Sir, I am a civilian of China Town reporting a murder case."."Tell me more about it." "Ok sir, when I was going for a walk in late night 12. I heard a loud noise. The noise was becoming louder and louder, so I decided to ensure their safety by visiting the house, but when I was there...."

"Oh No, one more murder case in China Town.Ok thank you for information."

"Professor! One more case from China Town. It has now became a danger zone in whole country. 2bMurder cases in Just 1 week. According to Civilian, this murder was of a women."

"I think that the murders have been done by the same killer. This news is viral now. Get the investigation team on the spot."

"Ok Sir, they are deployed".

Next Day the results were in the office. No clues were there.But there was written ZX CV BNM. After seeing the report, it was declared a rape case.

The killer was mysterious.

Next Day a call rang "This is San Francisco Police""Sir I am a civilian of China Town reporting a woman murder case. The woman was on rent in my flat. When I came back after walking, I saw blood falling from my terrace. When I walked upstairs......""Oh no! Have you seen anyone?"

"Yes, a man was running on the way to the market. I wanted to catch him but he escaped. He was in black jumpsuit and wering a mask."

"Ok thank you for your information". "Professor !another murder case in China Town."

"Deploy Investigation team"

Next Day results were on the desk there was no evidence or clue.

As the years passed the murders and rape cases also increased at a high case. The killer now had a record of 100 murders and 70 rapes and all in China Town.

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