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Silence (Part 1)

Silence (Part 1)

3 mins

Today was 20th August 1991. A call rang in Police Headquarters, San Francisco."Sir, I have reported a murder case in china Town."

"Give me some details please." Sir, when I was going to buy some vegetables. A loud sound of cry came from Parker's Resident. I thought that it may be a family matter, so I ignored it. On my way, I saw a man running on the crowded street. I was not sure about his appearance as his face was covered with a mask. No one dared to stop him as he looked a gangster. So he slipped from the market. When I was coming back, I saw a dead woman sleeping on my way. I became scared so I ran there and decided to call you first."

"Ok, thank you for your information. Send me your address on my number and I will call you back for further information."

"Hey, Professor I have received a call from a civilian who reported a murder."Is it true?'"Yes Sir"."Give details about him."

"There are fewer details. According to civilian, he was wearing a mask and slipped from a crowded market."

"Oh!, make this news viral on News, social media, and newspapers. Keep the award for 100 pounds." Ok, sir...

The next day a call rang in the police headquarters. "Sir, I have found a dead body in China Town." "Tell me more about him." "When I was going to buy some milk. I heard a shout. I ran to that location and I found a dead man. According to some neighbors, The man reported Parker's murder case."Oh No! Two murder cases in only two days". Ok, thank You.

"Professor! one more murder case of the man who reported murder yesterday". "That's really a big case, We have to go for investigation"."Ok, sir, we have deployed our investigation team."

The next day the investigation team gives his results-"There are no fingerprints here" Oh, that means that the killer is cunning."

The next day a call rang in police headquarters.

"Sir, I have received blackmail on mail. He said I am going to kill you. Please help me. I live in China Town."Ok" Professor, Another call from China Town, We must reach there."Ok".

Next Hour the police team reaches there."Mister, Please give me that number."

"This is that number" The police call the killer and say "Why you want to kill the innocent people." The call was being traced."That's my hobby to kill people" says the killer.

The police got surprised and the next hour he reaches the traced location. But he was not there. He was a clever thief. There was a clue written on the wall-ZX CV BNM. This was the clue for the next murder. 

ZX CV BNM.   If you are able to solve this clue then write it in the comment box of this story. I will follow him who writes the answer.

The next part contains after story so please read.

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