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The Mysterious City Doomsday 1

The Mysterious City Doomsday 1

2 mins

Today was 11th July of 2027. It was a common day. People were shopping here and there in the shops. People were working in their offices. Everyone was doing his own work.

But an error in the alien crown of the Mysterious Pillar made everything worse and worse. The alien crown changed its position and came up higher in the air. Professor came to know that there is a big problem. He dispatched his unit to control the alien crown but in vain. 

Everyone was busy with their work without knowing that there is a big problem in the city. Suddenly the weather started changing worse and worse. The condition also became worse and worse. The city was unknown with the large problem

The condition was now going worse. The rain was turning into a flash flood. The crown was also becoming hot and hotter. It was rising higher in the air.

Everyone was running to their home faster and faster. They all were saving their life. But they were unaware that the flood was connected to the alien crown of the mysterious pillar.

They were unaware that there is a much bigger problem. The alien crown was turning hotter and hotter and rising up in the air. It was changing ita size every second and becoming larger and larger.

After 20 minutes it got turned in a large fireball about 1 kilometer in diameter. The roads started melting. Many people were killed due to the heat.

Professor knew how to stop it. There was only one option to stop it and that was to go inside the fireball and turn the switch off which was in its core.

It was so hot that even gold can start melting in a few seconds only. So, the professor decided that he would himself go to the core and turn the switch off. But how will he reach there? The answer is the alien alloy made jaguar. The most powerful and unbreakable UFO.

The Professor went inside the jaguar and flung it into the core of the fireball. After a few seconds, the shield system failed and the Jaguar started melting.

After a minute the Jaguar was able to reach the core and turn the switch off. But the problem has not ended. 

The space ship made a crash landing in the forest.

The whole city was now saved. The crown now reached its place itself and the city was saved.

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