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Sadananda Pratihari

Drama Tragedy Others


Sadananda Pratihari

Drama Tragedy Others

Lock Down Life Lessons

Lock Down Life Lessons

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When the awful pandemic COVID -19

Gripped the whole world,

With an alarming upward trend of death toll,

I shuddered to think,

What would have happened,

If lockdown by our govt. wouldn't have been declared?

Lockdown was a real blessing in disguise,

Because it could stop immediate spreading of the virus,

And the decision was wise,

Be a man of metropolis or a rural poor,

All began to tremble with fear,

Lockdown kept us confined within four walls,

As if we all human beings are unsocial,

Lockdown gave us an opportunity,

To experience life's stark reality,

Lockdown made us jobless and increased poverty,

Preventing us from going out and snatched away our liberty,

As Offices, business shops and shopping malls remained closed,

People being confined became dulled and mentally depressed,

The haves spent for living from their savings,

But for the have- nots govt. bestowed all blessings,

Life is loving, most precious and dearest to all,

But alas! the family members couldn't touch the dead bodies at all,

Lockdown made our lives miserable,

Because some indigents returned home on foot,

Which was not desirable,

Lockdown taught us to be hygienic,

And keep the environment clean,

To combat pandemic obeying all disciplines,

Lock down is a good master,

As it taught us how to remain safe in disaster.

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