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Be Your Sunshine

Be Your Sunshine

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When was the last time you felt inferior about yourself?

How long it has been when you were proud of yourself?

When was the last time you hugged yourself?

Probably, most of us would not have done it.

How many times you have been frustrated at yourself?

Have you felt shameful at your physical appearance?

Have you been fed up at your inability to reach your goal?

Do you get offended at yourself for wasting your time?

Do you feel you were wrong every time at a fight?

Have you cried for your existence?

If you could relate to every single question,

I would say your soul has been brutally bruised.

Your mind would instantly get angry and forget it after some time,

But not your soul.

It develops a scar every single time,

When you don't care.

The most cruel thing you can do to yourself is

To hurt your inner self.

More then it could tolerate.

It is bad to distress someone,

It is worst to depress you.

Your mind finds the way to be happy.

Only your soul let you do things,

That makes you cheerful.

The soul which always wanted you to be happy is bruised and buried deep.

This is atrocious, unacceptable and awful.

Over time, every human being will leave you,

Your soul will remain, even after your death.

It's high time you embraced your soul and healed the bruises you have created.

Get satisfied with what you could do,

Rather then worrying about things that you could not do right now.

Be contented for what you can do and achieve.

This world already holds a hell lot of criticizer,

To criticize you.

Never be one among them,

For others as well as you.

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