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The Big Day

The Big Day

2 mins

"Let you both live 100 years"

Is this the wish your parents always wanted to hear from the elderly people?

Every single individual on this planet earth,

Would have been through this age or would pass through this age, certainly - Marriage.

Is that even a big deal?

No, not actually.

People exaggerate.

Just because the word marriage has age in it.

It isn't necessary for a girl to get married after 20 and a boy before 30.

To be happy and contented with your life,

Marriage is not fundamental.

The most fundamental thing in your life is 'You'.

Even if you don't marry anyone,

But still you're happy with what you do and you're living life to the fullest.

It is perfectly fine.

Marry someone only when you need to,

Not when the society needs you to do.

Marry when you find each other's universe rotating around the other.

Marry when you fight, to have each other

Marry when there is an proportionate amount of them in your life.

Marry only when you believe, both together can create wonders in each other's life.

Marry only when you both can help each other to scale up to reach each other's passion.

Marry to create a family, not to produce one.

Marry when you both find, there is a better life,

when you lead it together.

Marriage is not the destination, you want to achieve when you're 25.

You cannot end it all over there, that you reached.

It's actually the starting of your life with that special someone,

Who has now become a part of your life.

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