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Choosing The Right Ones

Choosing The Right Ones

2 mins

Have you ever felt trapped in a relationship?

Trapped not metaphorically, but trapped.

You often use the tools fake promises and lovey-dovey words,

To escape from that trap.

If you have ever done this or doing this right now,

You're in a awful relationship.

What ever be the relationship,

The first and foremost rule is, "to come back to each other",

Not to escape from each other.

Has your special someone stopped you from following your dreams?

Irony here is, the person you love stops you from doing something you love.

The wonder I mouth agape in a relationship is the selfless love,

When they do things that makes the other person happy,

That they totally forget about their happiness.

Indeed it is, the other person's happiness is their happiness.

This relationship is as pure as the relationship between a mother and her baby.

If someone you love is stopping you from doing something you love,

It's time to let go of them.

Do the person you love is your weakness?

Unfortunately, when the other person you love has cheated on you or left you or love someone else.

How would you handle this situation?

You would probably hurt yourself in every single way,

You are desperate to turn your life into a catastrophe.

This proves the person you loved is your greatest weakness.

That's okay to cry, to get angry, to be desperate for them,

But that should not ruin your life.

If the person you have loved is your strength,

You would still cry, get angry and be desperate in their absence.

But you will raise after some time,

The person you loved always wanted you to be strong.

Even when they are not around,

They always wanted you to be bold enough to face life.

When you are about to choose someone to travel with,

Until you patch up with death.

Make sure they never fall under this category.

The right ones will also fight with you,

Maybe they need your love more.

The right ones will be with you during the adverse times,

They will make you climb through the difficulties,

At last they will be one among the crowd cheering for you at your success party.

The right ones will make you strong each day,

They will let you know how important you're,

So you don't fall in the trap of some sugar-coated bitter gourd.

The right ones will leave you only with happiness.

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