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Rajat Kumar

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A Warrior's Promise

A Warrior's Promise

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On a windy morning one cold day

As the farmers stacked the hay

Behind the farm past the church

Rode an army through the birch

And in the front there rode a knight

His armour sturdy not too bright

His face still young but eyes bold

His sword thirsty, heavy and cold

Hair, short, dancing in the wind

His steed fast as though winged

The men who followed growled and groaned

But the knight was too lost in his own.

The war field set still leagues away

His cold heart rekindled that warm eve in May

When a thousand bells welcomed his bride

She was his angel, she was his pride

His heart fluttered as he thought of her face

Heaven hath no beauty as in her grace

He knew she'd wait for him through time

From rooster's call to the last bell's chime

He crossed his heart that he'd be back

Riding his steed or on a rack

But he'd never let go till she bid goodbye

For her sake he'd win, it wouldn't let him die.

An ear wrenching cry suddenly filled the air

The army had reached their enemy's lair

His right hand sounded their battle cry

Now was the time to do or die

The knight then charged and so did his men

The nemesis came charging out of their den

Sword unsheathed and shield in hand

The knight was fighting in the name of his land

For his home, his people, his honour too

His sword was thirsty and meals were due

But his heart still thought of his home afar

The oasis he fought to protect from war

As swords struck and shields shattered

He left his enemies bruised and battered

Slashing, striking as he charged

Whom he fought, their blood he sparged

His men fought well, some fell down too

Blood was spewed like morning dew

The knight then clashed with the head of the clan

Young, tall, bold with a mean tan

The young chief took his stance to strike

Victory seemed far but surrender not right

The knight dismounted from his steed

This young man he had to beat.

The young man lunged with a downward strike

But his future didn't seem too bright

Our knight blocked and turned him around

One mighty kick made the chief kiss the ground

The chief tried to dodge, turned to his side

But the knight's sword still took a bite

The chief lay bleeding - no place to crawl

This was no battle but a brawl

But the knight withdrew not wanting to kill

Enough massacre had taken place by the hill

He let the young chief slip away

Death's embrace would come another day.

The spared life seemed locked in a trance

Life gave him yet another chance

Limping away he broke into a dart

But turned midway and threw a knife to the heart

The knight stood still smiling at the runt

Ripped the blade - no sighs nor grunt

The mercy he showed had no place in war

His smiling sword would feast once more

The knight went through him like an axe through teak

The chief cut to pieces all left was his shriek

His sword put to rest the knight was clad in red

Half his loyal followers and all enemies were dead.

Husbands, sons and fathers killed

But to feel remorse he wasn't build

Looking around the vast sea of death

He stood leaking blood and breath

The wound he had had not the might

To take him down - just dim the light

As his men all fell in line

Night had fallen by that time

He then looked up to the sky

Just as nightjars began to cry

He saw his wife up in the moon

"My love", he said, " I'll be home soon. "

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