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laalini bhogadi

Abstract Drama Inspirational


laalini bhogadi

Abstract Drama Inspirational

While You Were Busy

While You Were Busy

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Forging glass with utmost care, the designer is giving it his all

To create a beautiful glass flower that could blossom smiles 

A smile as real as the flower can appear to be

Day and night, he hustled as he resisted his hunger and sleep

As the window witnessed, the baby clouds being born 

As they grow dark and fight like adolescents with roaring thunder and lighting

As the clouds adorned themselves, In the hues of youth and danced to tunes of the wind

The window watched helplessly in despair, When the same clouds disappeared

As It poured down as the beautiful sun Appeared 

In the clear blue sky, A little grass Woke up

 From its slumber deep Inside the hard shell 

Shaking off the dirt that hid it safe and showed its gratitude 

 With its vibrant colours and wonderful scents

Even the harshest critic will grow numb

As his lips can no longer cover his inner smile

Even if he tried to utter a faint of the word

 But what a pity, As the curtains were closed All this time

As the man can focus, In dedication

When they were finally rolled out

The glass flower, while looking surreal,

Emerged as a star It was at the same time

Across the window, the Grass flower withered away into the soil

While the glass flower stayed forever

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