Kaniz Fatimah Shaikh

Abstract Drama


Kaniz Fatimah Shaikh

Abstract Drama

Last Day

Last Day

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What if today was the last day 

I fed you with the meal 

Maybe the the last calls 

That make you feel 

About the mighty tomorrow 

That never comes with a good hope 

Like a snake tied up in a rope 

What if the couch fights you had 

Was the last one I could look at 

That the little screams you made 

Torn me out and I did fade 

But lest did I speak 

Cause I did not want to freak 

I was taught by the nature 

To amend in all gesture 

And when they asked me 

About the eerie silence that I hold 

I would simply say your name

This is what I've got from my genes, not to be sold

I may not know a single moment when you showed up love 

But yes deep inside I knew that your every struggle was like dove 

When they say, you are the pillar of the house 

I see my face turn out like a little mouse 

Cause a person with indefinite qualities 

Can never be described in a word, if you talk about equalities 

I would wither and no voices would be heard 

Take me to the same person the man with the beard 

There should never be last days 

With the one who fought for you every day....

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