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Kaniz Fatimah Shaikh



Kaniz Fatimah Shaikh


Internal Injury

Internal Injury

2 mins 186 2 mins 186

Yes it's bleeding, it's bleeding all

She rushed to the door from the bedroom to the hall

What happened to my sweet little honey? 

Why your screams have scared the bunny? 

Mama, it's blood everywhere 

I want to rush from here to there 

This place is a plague 

People in this room constantly ache

Calm yourself down dear

Tell me what happened, why do you fear? 

You are the only rose of my kingdom

The one who touches you shall bleed, while you are a sign of freedom

Why did you give me birth among monsters?  

What kind of freedom is this, which always administers?

When I was asked to be quiet and depict a girl icon

Why wasn't the same obligations led to a boy born

But who has hit you so hard 

Why have your words turn to sword 

Narrate me the story, as of whole 

You'll get justice and a new role 

Do you even know the meaning of "Justice" 

It means to support virtue and condemn vice

Never letting crime happen on first place

Second if it happens, punishing him irrespective of race 

She held her head in grief 

She couldn't give justice so tagged a crime just a "mischief" 

Between the four walls she got defeated from life 

A deadliest sin was buried alive 

Wow! This was the only thing you could gift

As a mother, you just never lift

And you ask about injuries you ask about pain

Come on why so much of superficial love, there is nothing you can gain 

Still you are ready with the bandage and the first aid 

Let me heal your wound, please don't ask the maid

But as usual there is neither cut, nor she sees the blood

Where have you hurt little lady, where is the red flood? 

It's too late mama, you can never see my wound

I've been bleeding since ages and you never heard the sound 

There is blood in the heart, blood in the body

Its an internal injury which can't be seen by anybody 

Its a crime if I do 

And it's just a mistake if he does 

Has the world always been such 

Or as a girl I'm asking little much...!

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