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Kaniz Fatimah Shaikh



Kaniz Fatimah Shaikh


Bid Adieu Monsoon

Bid Adieu Monsoon

2 mins 410 2 mins 410

I've spent hours in the window grill

Gazing at those drops that pierce and drill

They battle amongst the sky, can't live there

So anyhow fall on the earth here

Then I think about the mankind

When this land was barren they'd complaints in their mind

Then they asked the rain to fall

Now when the drops don't stop, they ask to take it all

So, there is water on the playground

Children are out with the paperboats and play around

I told my friend that my garden has turned into swimming pool!

She giggled and said, dude April has passed, whom you are making fool?

And when the clock chime six

Mama is ready with sizzling fries and mix

I pour up the caffeine in my favourite mug

Enjoy the splendid snacks and tease the bugs

But many have lost habitats

I see the birds flee and also that wandering rats

The farmers complain about the failed crops

And every human being appears like an alive corpse

But this season begets spring

I love this season that brings rainbow ring

Flowers of my lane and the rose bush sing

Monsoon is like lighting, you'll keep watching with no eyes blink

Late night, those scary lightnings in the sky

Makes me fear and there is no one to hug by

There is a power cut and the room seems dark

The rain starts to pour away with splendid remark

And the next morning you need to checklist the train

It's been week in house arrest, your lane has drain

Again the same college and the same canteen

Those small chats with hot soup and diaries of a teen

Yet an ardent desire of mine

I wanna taste rain and make myself fine

So put off your umbrellas and worries

Get drenched in this lovely season with all flurries

And then sudden shift of nostalgia

Reminding me the flashback and same coaxalgia

But my dear friend, you can cry out at your best

This is the only season which hides your tears best

No questions would be raised asking about your pain

And now when it had rained enough you ask "not again"

So a lovely 'Bid Adieu', monsoon come back soon

I'll dream for this season on the barren lands of moon

My poem is ready oh!

My pages will get wet, so I ask the rain to go

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