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Sadananda Pratihari

Abstract Drama Inspirational


Sadananda Pratihari

Abstract Drama Inspirational

A Home Maker

A Home Maker

2 mins 262 2 mins 262

I am a house wife of my partner known as a home maker,

I clean the floors, change bed linens and cook food for family members,

Take care of children, old in-laws, clean clothes and do all house hold chores,

Though I remain busy all the day long I never feel bore,

I manage my home from A to Z performing all house hold duties,

Even I don't find time to relax and take care of my own health and beauties,

I stay confined within four walls till my husband returns from his duties,

I maintain good relations with families of all relatives and neighbours,

But alas! I don't understand why I am undervalued by the society and my partner,

Perhaps, I think, as because I am not an outside wage earner,

Though I discharge basic functions of a house being a good house wife,

My tedious labour is not valued to give me due weightage and price,

I remain as a dark horse being the back bone of my family and home maker,

So never undervalue me comparing with my counterparts,

Who are namely house wives but only outside wage earners,

Time has come for the society to evaluate and change its mindset,

To give credit and acclaim for my home making at the outset.

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