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Sadananda Pratihari

Abstract Inspirational


Sadananda Pratihari

Abstract Inspirational

Thank You Teacher

Thank You Teacher

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Oh, my teacher!

You are the nation builder,

You are my source of learning

Knowledge and culture,

More to say, you are next to my mother,

You are my guide, philosopher

And a great mentor,

You have brightened my career

As a great inspirer,

In total darkness, you are my torch bearer

Career molder and well-wisher,

You have broadened my outlook and vision

With much more useful information,

While taking the next step

You have given me enough strength

Fulfilling my ambition and mental health,

It is because of you today, what I'm sir,

I have no words to honor you

As much as you have taken my care,

You are one of the most unsung heroes

We have to honor,

I bow down my head at your feet

With deep gratitude and reverence,

To honor you, sir, 'you are my living god '

Ought to be respected with due deference,

Oh, my loving teacher!

You shall be remembered forever.

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