The Yellow Chrysanthemums

The Yellow Chrysanthemums

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On a silver shady night, when on a road

So many thoughts flooded my mind

The visage of the snowy ball that was on board

Winked at me sitting far away in the heaven’s abode

I stayed unmoved and untouched

The memories swept over me,

Swirling wind brought the sudden rain

Clambering all the way down from the clouds

With a determined promise though

To heal the hot soil and remove its pain

I stayed unmoved and untouched

Rains in November, I could not fathom

Even when it brought lovely outcomes

Playing with the paper boats, the merry hearted children

Pushed and pulled each other in the downpour

Ripples in the water shone in the white light

Like the summer of good memories in the darkest night

I stayed unmoved and untouched

Awashed with water, the path smelled freshness

The trail of lights snaking their way in the inky darkness

Everything felt calm in my senses

But then suddenly you came with your traces

Became heavy the air, the lush green filled by yellow

Breathing your soul into me, you had me mellowed

No more dry my eyes were, my neck craned at the view

The verdant landscape did not touch me, only you do

The weight of responsibility thrust on me

To swallow the bitter pill of my past

With the matrimony that left me with a wound

And landed me like a photo on a wall, lonely and downcast

All of these you brought me, then and there

I accepted life was uncertain and not fair

Now I assertively say that my life is not bare

Kissing the sky. Racing sun moved towards the thicket of dark

Occupying each tree and shoots, walking with shoulders square

Playing new music and signaling new day

Your yellow hands beckon, I born again in your each wave

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