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Meet a girl who is trapped in her own fears. She tries to get out of them, tries so read more

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Falling in love does not see any status, money or power. It just happens and even if read more

4     13.7K    615    8758

© Tolu Eniafe

Abstract Others

Survival of the lonesome who is badly wounded and is followed by military read more

2     13.9K    648    8436

A young man's addiction leads to his read more

2     13.4K    663    8435

It's a story about the average students. What they think, what they feel and face in read more

3     2.9K    551    9334

A day in the life of a read more

1     13.5K    493    8733

To Be Sold..
© Sonam Kukreja

Abstract Others +1

The tragedy of being a girl in the poor village of read more

5     27.0K    559    6505

In a system where justice takes forever to be carried out, what option does a person read more

9     27.6K    628    4162

Why is our side of story always right, while the other's is wrong? Is it because read more

21     26.7K    612    4738

Life is all about giving.....You recieve just the same way you give. Life indeed read more

3     26.4K    588    7155

Story about a young man's inner read more

4     14.0K    633    8102

"Now, she realized it was the read more

3     13.6K    512    8979

A story of sel-realization, of understanding the plight of others, of wanting to act read more

7     12.8K    644    8054

A woman's struggle with cancer and the last few hours of her read more

2     2.9K    586    9205

A road accident changes the life of a man read more

3     27.8K    668    4736

© Aksshita Gupta

Others Inspirational +1

The story of two lovers....Even though they parted, they had feelings for each read more

4     13.4K    538    8993

© Nisha Ghosh

Fantasy Classics +1

Lost in his thoughts, he mixed the rice and dal to make a well, a tiny hand caressed read more

4     27.2K    679    4160

Funny Tedious Love
© Nisha Ghosh

Drama Classics +1

'It's too much responsibility and work! How would you manage it single read more

1     14.3K    740    7794

© Nisha Ghosh

Inspirational Others +1

From taking care of her siblings, trying to be the perfect daughter, To taking care read more

1     27.9K    540    7704

Have You?
© Nisha Ghosh

Classics Thriller +1

Crumpled bedsheet, Half stubbed cigarette, Wet towel tossed at the edge of the read more

1     13.5K    609    8989

5 Course Meal
© Nisha Ghosh

Drama Romance +1

Abdul worked in an electrician’s shop from morning to evening and then as a waiter read more

4     13.2K    615    8056

© Nisha Ghosh

Drama Classics +1

I look around my home, I now have own house, car and independence, have a heavy bank read more

2     13.4K    552    8403

The Lunch
© Nisha Ghosh

Abstract Others +1

Like little boys of his age, Amma was his super woman. There was nothing Amma could read more

3     40.4K    757    3108

© Nisha Ghosh

Drama Others +1

“Don’t let the pests ruin your life, kill them before they cause trouble,” her read more

5     26.9K    483    7121

“Why do we need a dog at home when we have Dolly? All that she does since evening is read more

3     26.9K    578    7156

Pitter - Patter
© Nisha Ghosh

Children Others +1

An encounter between two innocent lives on different sides of read more

2     27.2K    601    7153

Cycle Of Viciousness
© Nisha Ghosh

Drama Inspirational +1

This is how she wanted her family to be. Where laughter and happiness were in read more

4     26.5K    472    8393

The Proposal
© Nisha Ghosh

Drama Others +1

Armed with a mike in hand, she looked around. Everything was as per plan; she had read more

4     13.5K    586    6589

Drunken mistakes never end well. And domestic strife brought about by it can read more

4     27.5K    557    5796

The Vows
© Nisha Ghosh

Drama Others +1

The big day has arrived. Peep in the heart of the would be bride and feel the read more

4     25.9K    545    7703