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Another Life

Another Life

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Steeve! Steeve! Aaahhh! Mom! I am in pain! I will die. Lora cried in pain. 

Lora was 9 months pregnant and was about to enter motherhood. 

We are here darling. Hold on. Lora's mother comforted her while her husband Steeve was away talking to the doctor about the health of his wife and child.

Steeve, We don't want to give you false hope. We don't think Lora would be able to sustain after labor.

But Doctor, If there were so many complications why didn't you tell me? Steeve asked with moist eyes.

It was Lora's last wish. The doctor replied. 

Lora was 10 days late and in immense pain. Her womb wasn't ready to beer the labor pain. Even then all she wanted was to become a mother. 

Steeve told about Lora's condition to his mother in law. 

That night Lora had a little relief from Pain. She was desperately awaiting the birth of her child. All she wanted was to spend some priceless moments with her child. She knew she was going to die. 

Steeve? The doctor called him while he was holding Lora's hand as she tried to sleep. 

Yes, doctor? He went outside and they both talked.

Steeve, there is a slight possibility that Lora could survive but it will be a miracle. All you have to do is pray. All the best. Let us hope Lora becomes ready to deliver tomorrow. Lora's mother heard their conversation and patted steeve on the back. They both went inside and saw Lora smiling. 

Mom? Said Lora. 

Yes, Dear? Asked Lora's mother gently.

I was born in this same hospital, right? Asked Lora curiously.

Yes, dear. Her mother answered her question and planted a kiss on her forehead. 

I want to take a tour of this hospital Mom.

Lora requested. 

Sure, dear. Her mother said and smiled. 

While Steeve went outside to get a wheelchair for his wife, Lora put her head on her mother's lap and rested.

Mom, Will you please tell me your experience while giving birth to me. Lora said to her mother. 

Her mother kissed her forehead. 

Steeve got a wheelchair and the three of them took a walk around the hospital premises. 

Dear Lora, your father and I, we knew we were having a girl. We were very excited to have you. But I had some complications in my pregnancy. I thought I was going to die. At the same time, I was scared that who will love you the way I did? How is your father going to raise you? Will he marry some other woman? Will that woman take good care of you? I knew about all these risks since the beginning but I wanted to give you life. At that moment, Suddenly I was scared of death, I wanted to live for you. I was brought here on 24th December 1985, a day before you took birth. I was miserable. I was in pain. Your father was constantly by my side. Everybody was praying our well being. I had to give natural birth, the surgery was fatal to both of us. I was in pain, the doctor asked me to push, I was tired, but I had to push. Finally, you took birth But you didn't cry. We thought we had lost you. I was heartbroken. But suddenly we heard a cry, the doctor who had given all hopes, turned and around and saw. There you were soaked in blood and crying. Within a second, the pain of tears changed into the pain of joy. You, my angel, had taken birth. With God's grace and constant care by your father. I was recovering, I was fine but planning a second child would have been fatal. The doctors were sure that It will kill me. So we decided to raise you and not to have another baby. You were and are all I had. 

Mom, I want to live too. A tear fell from Lora's eyes. She hugged her mother. 

Darling! You will. Her mother said.

Suddenly Lora's water broke and labor started. Steeve ran to call the doctor.

They took her inside the Operation theatre. 

Her mother prayed throughout for her daughter's and grand daughter's life.

Steeve? The doctor called him in a low voice. 

Steeve stood there without moving. 

Congratulations! Its a girl. 

Steeve smiled but did not move. 

Lora is safe, she is out of danger too. It's a miracle. I guess she wanted to live for her newborn baby, the doctor said happily.

Steeve jumped with joy and cried the tears of happiness. 

Lora's mother smiled as she met her.

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