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Participate in 31 Days : 31 Writing Prompts Season 3 contest and win a chance to get your ebook published

The Blood Bond

The Blood Bond

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Dhruvi! Dhruvi! Why are you taking so much time in the washroom Baba? 

Asked Dhruv worryingly.

Just 5 minutes more bhaiya! Replied Dhruvi.

Dhruv and Dhruvi are siblings. Dhruv is 16-year-old while Dhruvi is 11-year-old. Both of them were little when their parents got divorced. They live with their mother in the Mayur Vihar area of New Delhi. Their mother Sameera is an advocate. 

Dhruvi, I am worried, you have been in there for an hour now. I am gonna break this door and barge in if you don't come out in a second. Dhruv was furious now.

Get aside! (Crying)

Dhruvi! darling what's wrong? Her brother kept asking. 

Mom's phone is switched off! Dhruvi muttered. 

I know baby, she told us that she will be in the court till 2 PM, said Dhruv.

(Dhruvi was inconsolable and Dhruv kept trying to ask her not knowing what to do)

Dhruvi tell me, please! Her elder brother requested. 

It's embarrassing, I can't tell you, said Dhruvi.

(Dhruv took her hands into his and sat down on his knee)

Think of me as your best friend and not your brother. Come on! best friends are meant to share embarrassing things. 

(Dhruv looked at her and smiled)

Umm... I... I... that... Dhruvi fumbled.

Just trust me! Dhruv smiled.

I am bleeding. Dhruvi cried.

(Dhruvi was 11 years old and had hit puberty)

Hahahahahaha! Dhruv burst into laughter.

What is so embarrassing about this? He questioned while he was rolling on the floor laughing.

(Dhruvi hit him with a pillow and cried more)

Alright! Alright! Her brother now caressed her and hugged her.

Has it happened for the first time? Do you know what is it? He asked in a concerned manner. 

No! Ria told me something like that but I thought she was fooling around. 

(Dhruvi was still weeping)

Alright! As mom must have told you, darling, you have grown up. Come with me. 

(Dhruv took her inside the room, handed over another dress, gave her a towel and some cotton, asking her to change)

Dhruvi! Dhruvi! I am coming within 5 minutes, by the time you come out and do a google search about periods.

(Dhruv went outside to his friend and neighbor Namrata's house)

Hey! I need your help. Dhruv asked Namrata.

Umm Dhruvi... I mean,

she needs umm... actually mom is not home, I don't know where she keeps it and I mean how to use it. Dhruv kept murmuring.

Hahaha! Give me a second.

(Namrata smiled as if she knew what Dhruv wanted to say)

Come! Let's go. Namrata smiled again.

Umm I was wondering I will get her something to eat in another 10 minutes, 

Said Dhruv shying away.

Sure! Namarata went ahead.

(10 minutes later) 

Hey everyone! Here are your noodles and tea. Dhruv placed three plates along with 3 cups of tea for his sister, his friend and himself.

(30 minutes later)

Take care! Namrata bid a goodbye to the brother-sister duo.

Bhaiya, I will take a nap! Finally, Dhruvi was relieved.

Sure! Dhruv smiled.

(As Dhruvi went inside her room she found a basket on her bed, she picked up a basket and saw a new pack of organic sanitary napkins with a beautiful blue color ribbon tied on it. There was a hot water bottle and some chocolates in the basket along with a note, she opened the note and it read, 'Happy Periods.' )

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