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A Musical Hope

A Musical Hope

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As I walked on the streets of Delhi, on a chilly winter night, I crossed Jamia Milia Islamia University. It was cold, I was shivering, desperately hungry and in need of some hot tea. I still don't know why I was out alone on the streets. We all know how unsafe the national capital is for women. However, I had my pepper spray in my bag. It is amusing how a place where you have spent half of your life feels entirely new. I had returned to Delhi after 2 years. The city has changed a lot. The city or me? I could not fathom. 

As I walked further, I heard a song being played nearby, I could not gauge the lyrics, The sound came from a small street located in that area, I could not stop myself from following the sound. I felt as if slowly the music was being dissolved in the air. It was 2 AM, by now the fog had disappeared and cool breeze had engulfed the place. I walked for another 2 kilometers. Finally, I saw a streak of light, I walked towards it. 

Hum dekhenge, Hum dekhenge, Lazim hai ke hum bhi dekhenge, the famous poem by Faiz Ahmed Faiz was being performed by a group of students. They were 4 people, 2 girls and 2 boys. On the side, there was a small tea shop who were serving these students with tea and maggie. They smiled towards me as I stood there and saw them sing along side the bonfire. 

Come child! Have some tea. The muslim owner of the tea stall invited me. 

He offered me tea and some Parle-G. 

Can I get a plate of Maggie too uncle? I asked. His eyes sparkeled. 

Sure Beta! He said. 

I sat there sipping my tea and ate while watching those kids. They were 18-19 Year old college students.

These students come here every night, all of them are from Kashmir which is under communication lockdown for a long time. 

They are unable to get into touch with their families. It has been 10 days. 

The stall owner told me. 

Every night they come here and spend some time together. I think it gives them hope. Hum dekhenge, Hum dekhenge, they continued singing.

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