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The ultimate gifts in life

The ultimate gifts in life

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The ultimate gifts in life 

So I was watching The Ultimate Gift on Prime this weekend. It was an inspirational story of a billionaire's grandfather's gift to his grandson. In his will the grandson needed to learn and pass these gifts before he could inherit the money.

It took him on a journey to find himself and to ultimately find what is important in life. It really got me thinking about these gifts and what they mean to me. These are the gifts he needed to learn and how it's important to all of us to learn them as well.

The gift of work: 

Knowing how to put in an honest day's work, to feel accomplished about doing a good job.

The gift of friends:

We all need to know how to be a friend to others and know how to accept friendship as well. Life is so much better with friends.

The gift of learning:

We can never stop learning. Learning keeps us growing, you are never too old to learn lessons.

The gift of problems:

You would probably ask why we would want the gift of problems? It teaches us that we can get through bad times. We can overcome, get back up, start over and it also makes us grateful for the good times. 

The gift of family:

Whether it's your blood family or the family you choose for yourself, the gift of family is truly a gift from above.

The gift of laughter:

There is nothing more amazing than the gift of laughter, when your sides and your checks hurt. And they say that laughter is the best medicine.

The gift of dreams:

We all need the gift of dreams, no matter how big you may think yours is, dream big, nothing is impossible!

The gift of giving:

They say it's better to give than to receive and if you're a giver you will know that to be true. The feeling you get to be able to give, to help is priceless.

The gift of a day: 

Just to be in the moment, laying on the grass, looking up at the sky, riding your bike on the beach, bbq's with family, a crisp fall day walking in the country. If you're present in the moment you will appreciate the gift of a day and remember we are not guaranteed another one, so enjoy this one.

The gift of gratitude: 

If you have these last two, you are rich beyond measure. The gift of gratitude, for everything. For waking up, being able to walk, for the good times and through the bad, you must always be in a place of gratitude.

The gift of love: God spoke of love 365 times in the bible. Love thy neighbors, love thy self, love for him. You must be willing and able to open yourself up to give and receive love, even when you may not want to. But the gift of love, well it changes everything and everyone around you and ultimately you.

So today my friends remember these gifts, and let's all try to use them in our lives, each and every day. We'll have these gifts we can give, don't keep them hidden, because we only have a certain amount of time here to use them, to get them, to appreciate them, don't waste a minute 

"Be the change you want to see"


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