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Reva Saraf

Comedy Drama

Yo!Diary #5- Yo! Diary Returns!

Yo!Diary #5- Yo! Diary Returns!

3 mins

Heyoooooo!!!! Can't believe it, I am backkkkkkkk!!!!

Long story short, I just wanna say that I was super, super, super busy with studies..... (perks of being a 10th standard kiddo.)

Couldn't even breathe while looking at those piles of books, lol!

I am a little free these days, so thought of wracking your brains. (=))

You know how I mentioned about being a 10th kiddo? Yo, you yourself might be a little chill about the studies, but relatives, neighbors, and parents are not.

Me hears it every day: "Beta, tum dosto ke saath timepass mat karo, jao aur quadratic equation solve karo." (=Kiddo, do not loiter around with your friends, go solve maths instead..)

Guys, calm down for God's sake.

Enough is enough. Stressing lil teens out.

You know how I have been saying one phrase again and again, "DRAMA IS FOREVER." And, I have so much drama to share....(= enough to make a movie out of it, tickets are starting at 1 lakh only =))


My left foot had a ligament tear, I guess, 3 months back.... and we girls had our dance period. Boys were in the class... and I was the only girl with them. (I decided to skip dance because of my foot injury.) We had no teacher or substitution. And coincidentally, we had some chemistry activity, for which we had gotten clay.

The boys decided to randomly throw the clay up, and it stuck on the ceiling. So we were doomed. One of the boys suggested getting a long stick (which was kept in the dance room, idk why) and taking the clay out with that thing. All the boys knew I was there, and two of them told me, "Reva, agar tujhe koi puche, you know nothing about this incident." (= if someone asks you.....)

Of course, I didn't snitch on them. The class teacher came to know soon... and the nosiest and the Monjulikaa (=ref. To Bhool Bhulaiyaa the movie, if you have bad taste in movies and haven't seen it, it refers to a dancing ghost, who sings 'Ami Je Tomaaaaar. =))

So basically the teacher asked me about the clay thingy, and I was like, "Ma'am someone from another class must've come... because the boys weren't sticking clay..."

Apparently, she believed it... but then the head boy of our school snitched on us, since he knew that he wouldn't be punished (=Nepotism... HeAd BoIs)

And three boys were suspended.

This inspired another class to stick clay, and the head girl was also involved =D

(When head boy and head girl both are Khatron Ke Khiladi..)

P.S. Did I mention our teacher was crying?


We had our Math exam... and the paper was difficult as hell! OMG!!!

(40 kids from all the sections have failed...)

The sir (maths sir obvio.) is super chill, keeps throwing cheesy smiles at all of us, cracks jokes, etc. But after the paper, we got so mad at him. (He had set the paper). He knows that we are really upset with the exam being dumb, as we are, but he still doesn't leave a chance to roast us... Like the other day, we requested him to keep the holiday homework a little less, and he replied with, "Kitna kam? Tumhare Marks jitna?" (=as less as your marks?) (SAVAGEEEE!!! ThUg LoiF)

Now we hate seeing that cheesy smile.

In this batch of tenth standard, people are just getting suspended. Lol.

But it's fun.

Okay, I guess I need to pee, and another Yo!Diary episode will be back soon!

Promise! :p

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