Reva Saraf

Action Thriller


Reva Saraf

Action Thriller

The Crime- Episode 1

The Crime- Episode 1

2 mins

Mia was a little girl, staying with her elder siblings: A sister named Georgia, and a brother named Nathan. Georgia was the eldest, and Mia was the youngest. 

Their parents, John and Sarah Martin had died in a plane crash. 

7 year old Mia was watching cartoons on the television. As the hero hit the villain, she clapped her hands. "Mia, make sure you don't watch the television for a long time!" Georgia warned her. 

After half an hour, little Georgia scurried towards the kitchen, and asked, "Sis, can I please have a donut? I am hungry!" 

Georgia denied. "Mia, don't you remember? The dentist told that you have a big cavity! It needs to be filled next week! If you eat sweets, you may fall sick." 

Mia looked at her sister with a cute, puppy-face. "Oh. Alright then. Only little bit of the donut, got it?!" Georgia finally said, smiling. 

Nathan announced that he wouldn't be home for the night because of some reasons. 

In the evening, Mia fell asleep, on the couch. So, Georgia decided to take a little walk in the garden. As she opened the door, suddenly, two men held her tightly. 

"Help! Somebody please help!" Screamed a helpless Georgia. 

Then, the men stabbed her, and Georgia fell lifeless, on the floor. Mia soon woke up, and crept out of the main door that was left open. She was shocked to see the body of her sister lying at her feet. She wailed loudly as she could. 

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