Reva Saraf

Drama Crime Thriller


Reva Saraf

Drama Crime Thriller



4 mins

"You know what?!" John, Nina and Carl shouted, startled and curious. 

"Yes," Will began. "I just remembered that since the time I've been working here, all the tourists have been complaining about a similar type of man, who disturbs their peace."

 "Oh! So, this must be a hint." Nina said. "A hint towards what?" Carl asked her. "I mean that it must be a hint that this is going to be a long and tiring mystery," She explained. 

"Do you know how we can track the man down? We don't even know his name yet." John asked Will, hopefully. 

Will thought for a while, and then he responded, "Yup! I think I know! Let me begin with a story first. It will help us to understand more." 

"Okay, we're all ears!" John said. 

"20 years ago, exactly when this place was founded by Carson Watson, his brother, Jason Watson was jealous of his success. Bayfill Beach was a success in its first year only! Jason was evil and he was determined to destroy his brother financially and emotionally, too." Will narrated the flashback. 

"Do you think that it was Jason who threatened us previously?" Carl asked. 

"Not possible," Will shook his head. "Jason died 17 years ago by a car accident. He wanted to hurt Carson by the car. But then the game flipped completely, and Carson managed to escape safely, while Jason died." 

"Now that's what I call Karma!" Nina shouted happily, and after a moment she turned serious again. "But if it was not Jason, then who was that man?" 

"Maybe some friend of Jason whom he accompanied in this job?" John guessed. 

"Yes, you guessed right. Jason and his best friend, Gary Barlow together decided to destroy Carson. Through Jason's phone, police found out that he last spoke with Gary." Will agreed. "Is Gary alive?" Carl asked. "Maybe," Will said, unsure. 

"Idea." Will suddenly said. "Let's go to the investigation room, where we have photographs of all these insane people." 

They agreed and went to the investigation room. 

Will opened an album. "Try to identify that man," He said. 

"Hey! It's that man!" John suddenly shouted. "Remember his description? He wore a top-hat, and a brown coat. His clothes were mostly oversized. He also had curly hair and a grey moustache," 

"Yes! And all these parameters match!" Will also agreed. 

"I guess he's the one." John concluded. 

"Let's check other photographs too. What if there's another person who also matches these parameters? You never know!" Will suggested smartly. 

They did as Will had suggested, and there was no such other suspect. 

Will took the photograph out of its pocket, and he put it in his pocket. 

The four smiled. Deep inside, all hoped that the mystery would solve nicely, and all tourists could enjoy peacefully without the man poking in their happy moods! 

But, they did not know, that someone was watching them.........

After some time, Will came running, knocking hardly on the hut of Nina, John and Carl. 

Carl answered. "What happened, Will? Is everything alright? You look dead tired!" He politely asked to the young man. 

", uh....," Will spoke, breathing heavily. "Another tourist came to me to complain about the same man!" 

"Uh-oh. Looks like this man is insane. Seriously." Nina said with a disgusted look on her face. 

"True. But, I know that this man is really serious about his job. And, he's not going to leave this place so easily." Carl observed. 

"What did he say?" Carl asked, curious. 

"Well, what would he?! Obviously, he told the same thing what you guys told." Will said, frowning.

"Woo-hoo guys. Just got an idea!" Nina shouted, suddenly. "Instead of just standing here, why not split in different directions? That way, one of us may spot the man?" 

"You got it, girl!" John said. 

"Yes, I guess the plan will work. But, we need to keep our eyes and ears open. Okay guys, move it!" Carl said. 

So, they made their way. Nina and Will split in two directions at the beach. Carl stood near the huts, whereas John investigated near some more tourist destinations. 

A couple was walking on the beach, and suddenly, the man reappeared! "Go away." He said. The couple looked angry. 

Will spotted this drama, and so did Nina. Will ran towards him, but he somehow got away. Still, Nina, who was a karate black-belt managed to stop him. She flipped him over with an amazing flying-kick. He fell, unconscious. 

All the people gathered around. Carl and John were informed by Will, and they also arrived. 

Then finally, when the man regained consciousness..................

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