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YO! Diary- #3 Drama Is Forever

YO! Diary- #3 Drama Is Forever

3 mins

Finally, back with a new Yo! Diary episode!

So, happy and sad moments come and go, but drama is forever. Yup it is. 

So, what do festivals bring to us school kids? (Except Holiday Homework) 


But even the holidays are full of drama. Actually, your whole nothing but a drama, until you start enjoying it. 

Lemme just tell you about the Class Drama. So, every class will always have backbenchers, who don't annoy you, but rather make the class more fun! 

So there was some sort of difficult word, and our English teacher told us to revise it. Apparently, that word started with the letter 'W', and in no time, the whole class was singing "W, W". 

You would have thought that the teacher must have gotten mad at us, right? But nope. She just laughed. Thank God. Yeah, otherwise she would have just taken us to the principal. 

Another drama took place in the Chemistry lab. (O2, H20, 

We were told to perform an experiment, and by the end of it, few boys broke some beakers. The caretaker of the chemistry lab got very hyper. I mean, she got really angry! Man! 

And then, she was coming towards me and my best friend. I thought she was going to kill me!! So, I just said, "Humne koi beaker nahi toda! (Translation: We didn't break any beaker!) But I guess she misheard us, and she was going to slap us. But luckily, we got saved. (Somehow :))

So, the beaker-breakers had to pay a fine too. Actually, when the kids wanted to wash those beakers, the water from the tap had immense pressure. So, it broke. Yeah. 

Exams can be complete without any extra supplements but can never be complete without cheating. (Okie, I didn't cheat. I never cheat. HONESTLY.)

Kids are so insane when it comes to cheating. They will exchange maps during the geography exam, the exchange chits during other exams. And you won't believe it: Kids even cheated during the ART EXAM!!!! WOW. WOW. WOW.

What I mean to say is, that kids are nuts and hopeless. (So polite of me =))

One kid got caught, and the invigilator went straight towards him, and demanded for his paper to give a -5. 

But the kid, a full Khatron Ka Khiladi (=one who likes to experience dangers) 

told the teacher, "But why?" (ATtTItuDe BoYs) and the teacher slapped a -15 on his sheet! lol. 

Everyone knows how this movie came out called "Brahmāstra". Kids got hyped. They pretended they have their own astras, and then they went mad. TOTALLY MAD. (As if they were 'Madlings'. Lmao)

Anyways. As I said in the beginning, DRAMA IS FOREVER, BABY! 

Okie, then looks like I am out of pages to write, so........


See you in the fourth episode of Yo! Diary. (Yo! Diary episodes are pretty rare, though :)))

Yo, just sleep now. You look like some racoon =D 

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