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Srinivas Cv

Comedy Drama


Srinivas Cv

Comedy Drama

What's in the future

What's in the future

7 mins 218 7 mins 218

Ramana always had some super dreams. Not the ones Kalam sir spoke. These are the dreams that any lazy guy has when he sleeps 25 hours of the day. The guy with never cleared his Engineering and no hopes of any job dreams are everything. Sunny Leone was a frequent entrant, but she always came with Virus from 3 idiots and his lesson on no. of zeroes. Till a few years ago it was the next-door neighbour girl who wants to marry him. But it stopped one night when she asked him to start studying to finish his degree. Does she not know the dreams should be achievable not over the top. That night's dream, however, takes the cake for strangest. In Ramana's dream, his father was there, and he said he was proud of him. He was happy that Ramana cleared his engineering. He called Ramana's younger brother, who was in the US to give him the news. He woke up from sleep more shocked than happy. The next day's evening, he was supposed to get his results. The dream felt a good omen. But the reality could be anything. He wanted what was going to happen before it happens. 


 He decided he was to see an Astrologer. But he never trusted the famous ones. They seem to catch on to people's desperation. At least that was what he told himself. In reality, a lazy bum like him could never afford a famous astrologer. So, he decided that he will go to different kinds of predictions and learn whether the results will match. Multiple choices are better than long answers. The area he lived was famous for tribal astrologers. So, option A was a tribal astrologer. Then he planned to visit a palm reader and a parrot astrologer. This part of the plan was easy putting them in action was hard. 


Ramana could not believe his luck when Koya Dora(Tribal Astrologer) came to their house. That was not an uncommon occurrence, but Ramana felt it was a sign of his changing fortunes. He tried to act nonchalant and see what the man had to say before he could ask his question. Many of them were frauds and tried to cheat people. But all Ramana's acting seems to have not worked. The first words from the mouth of the astrologer to Ramana were, "You are desperately looking for some success in life". Ramana checked his face in the mirror to check for any signs of desperation. He could find none. Trying to show he was not desperate. Ramana said he does not believe the man. The astrologer told one secret about Ramana, which made him trust the man. The astrologer said Ramana had a mole in a place where no one can see. He too can see that when he was very, very happy (if you know what I mean). He still tried to act indifferent to the man. But the man saw something different in Ramana's face and grew confident in his reading of Ramana.

"Your father is not very happy with you Ramana. But do not worry, there is a big change coming. He will be happy from tomorrow", said the astrologer.

The man knew Ramana by name, how was that possible if not for his powers. After hearing all this, Ramana felt happy. His mom ordered to get some Rice to give to Koya Dora. He gave him the rice his mom ordered plus a 100 Rupee note. The man blessed Ramana success before leaving. 


Ramana was on cloud nine. Last night Dream and now Dora all were hinting something good happening. But he was not going to stop. He wanted to execute his plan to the full extent. Before starting on the plan, he went in to change the dress and was curious to find the mole, and to his surprise, he found it there. Got his zipper up and went out.


 His next visit was to the palm reader. He tried to be careful but blurted out that his father was not happy, and the reason was Ramana. He started to read some lines on his hand. After searching long and hard, the palm reader said he could hardly see any lines here. Ramana checked out the hand, and he too could not see much lines. He knows the reason he just hoped the palm reader does not know. 

"We have a solution for this kind of case. Show me your leg.", said the palm reader.

 The man read the lines in the leg of Ramana. He too had the same answer Ramana was looking for. "All your Dad's problems will be solved tomorrow. Many people will not feel it is correct. But your Dad will be happy."


Ramana knew the only problem his father had was him. The news about that getting solved tomorrow made him feel happy. He, however, ignored the part of many feeling it was not correct. Ramana handed the man a 200 and left from there. Now Ramana was on cloud 18. (Cloud 9 on top of cloud 9). Funny right. Still a little concerned. He was scared to go to the parrot astrologer. But he reminded himself even if he had something negative to say the outcome was 2 out of 3 and he was still winning.


Parrot astrologers had become very few in the locality. But he knew exactly where he saw one last. In his journey, he reached Reddy Wines. Whenever he came there, he had a doubt do alcohol to have a caste. Who knows what alcohol has what poison. (In line with a Telugu saying what burrow has what snake). He was not there for a beer and celebrate. He last saw a parrot astrologer near this wine shop. A few seconds of search and he found him.


 Ramana wanted to check someone else going first before his leap of faith. He also did not trust his instincts. Beer in the belly come handy, but what if beer makes him lose control. He decided against it and started on a waiting game. Not a long time later, a women came there to ask something. Ramana now headed close to the guy to learn the parrot's capabilities. As Ramana reached closer, the man opened the cage. He signalled and mouthed to the parrot to come out and pick a card in her name. He is talking to the parrot, and it is following his words. It came out picked some random card and went back into the cage. Ramana always had a doubt why was the parrot not flying away, instead of going back into the cage.


The man opened the car, and it was a picture of Sri Rama. He started telling the girl. 

" Your husband will be loyal to you. He loves you like Rama loves Sita. That is why Rama and Sita are there."


 The picture also had hanuman at Rama's feet. Ramana started thinking "What is Hanuman doing there? He has no Lanka to burn anymore."


"Then he told her like Sita you must face a lot of problems before getting the happy part of it", said the predictor to the women.


Whatever the case was Ramana was here, so he asked the man to pick a card for him. Same routine parrot came out and went back. All of Ramana's concentration was on the bird. If it flies away now, Ramana does not know what his fate will be. The man opened the card and shouted wow its Sree Krishna which brought the attention of Ramana back to the man and his prediction. g


Ramana started thinking. "Does that mean eight marriages, fight with so many people? I can manage the eight women, maybe. But I do not have time for war and all. What was with Arjun and Bhagavadgita, I cannot make anyone listen to me."

The man brought Ramana back to reality with his words.

"Like Krishna, you also put your parents into a lot of troubles. But the time has come for you to help them out of it. The time is ripe. Soon your parents will be happy."


Now Ramana could not control and asked him when the date is. He called the parrot to come out once again to pick a card again. Which means Ramana had to pay him twice the usual pay. He did not mind he wants an answer. The card this time was some stars and moon. It reminded him of a universe he saw in a planetarium show. What does that mean? Was he going to say it will be light-years? His father is not going to wait that long. 


But the man said, "Before this night becomes a day you will see a difference." 

To Ramana's luck, all three guys predicted the same. He was confident of results coming in his favour.

 The results came the next morning, and Ramana failed again.

P.S.: What was with the predictions? The predictions were all right. After Ramana failed again, His father said enough was enough and got Ramana a job as a mechanic in the Bajaj Company. Ramana's father was the manager of the company. His father's problems came to an end after all.

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