Reva Saraf

Drama Horror Thriller


Reva Saraf

Drama Horror Thriller



3 mins

"Rain, rain go away! Come again another day! Little children wanna play! Rain, rain go away!" The children of Blooming Buds pre-school sang together. 

The grumpy teacher, Ms. Annie couldn't handle the kids' excitement. Actually she never liked kids. But, she accepted the job of a teacher because her family was short on money. This is literally an example of people who end up getting the wrong jobs! 

One of the children, Eddie Damon, never spoke. His face was always pale, and looked sulky. His eyes stared at his fellow classmates all the time, giving them chills.

The class knew him well as 'Mr. Frankenstein', mainly because of his walking style. 

"Hey you! Stop staring," Ms. Annie stopped.

"What's the boy's name, Oliver?" She asked, pointing towards Eddie. 

"Frankenstein!" Oliver joked. 

"Okay. Frankenstein! Stop sulking." She called out to him, and the whole class laughed. "Ma'am, his real name is actually Eddie." Told a girl named Margie. "Oliver, why the heck did you tell me his name was Frankenstein? Too excited for halloween?" She screeched. "Get up and carry your butt to the corridor! Go stand outside for the whole day!!" 

Oliver sighed. Poor kiddo! 

Eddie never replied. He just stared the teacher as if he were hypnotisng her.

"Don't you get it?" She screeched. Then she went towards his seat and slapped him. The whole class gasped. 

As usual, his reaction was the same. "This child is impossible!" She screeched so loudly, that the other class' teacher came running.

"I want to meet his parents!" Demanded the angry teacher. "Oliver, open the records book and call his parents right now!" 

"Ma'am. Oliver was punished by you." Margie replied. 

"So go and tell him to come back in the class and search for Freddie's parents' number!" 

"Who is Freddie?" Margie asked, confused.

"The sulky kid?" Replied Annie. 

"Woops. His name is Eddie." Margie said. 

"Just get Oliver back!!!" She shouted.

Margie quickly ran, then she came back a moment later with Oliver. 

He quickly searched for the mobile numbers. 

"Yeah. Got it. Shut the book, and sit down. Freddie, I am calling your parents. Make sure you also attend the meeting with them." Ms. Annie said, and then she stomped away. 

The school ended soon, and nearly at 3 pm, Eddie's parents were called. 

"Yes. Hello. I am Annie. I want to talk to you regarding your kid." She introduced herself.

Julie and John Damon listened to her patiently.

"To begin with, I don't know why your kid keeps staring at everyone in the class. This is so....unacceptable!" 

"Sorry ma'am. There is a reason for that." 

Julie said. 

"What is it?"

"Sorry again, but we cannot disclose that. Now we are leaving. Come Eddie, dear." 

(Eddie's parents left randomly! Strange enough?) 

"Hello? You cannot leave just like that! I still have a few more complaints!" Annie shouted. But they didn't listen, and walked away. Then suddenly, Eddie stopped, took a spooky glance towards the teacher, smirked and walked away. 

The next day, the kids waited impatiently for their teacher to come. Yet, Annie never showed up. Rumors flew that Annie was dead. The principal told that the kids were going to get a new class teacher. 

Could Annie's death be something that was done by Eddie? What do you think? 

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