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Drama Thriller


Reva Saraf

Drama Thriller



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A recap of what happened in the previous episodes: Annie and the police officer were dead. A new teacher, Heisha Smith had joined the school. Even though Eddie too glanced at her spookily, Heisha was still alive.

Everyone in the school was shocked. Why didn't the spooky glance kill Heisha, the new teacher? 

Surprisingly, Eddie was absent for a few weeks. The class was happy about his absence. At last, no drama and deaths!

But.....Heisha had something in mind........

Heisha was hiding some sort of secret, that scared Eddie. 

"Mr. Frankenstein has been absent for a long time now! Looks like we're free from all of those death dramas!!" All the kids joked. 

"Does anyone know why Eddie is absent? It's almost a month now!" Heisha wondered. "Ma'am. How does it anyways matter?! He's a pain in the neck!!" Oliver said. But that angered the teacher. "Oliver! How dare you bully a child?! Go, and get out!" She shouted.

Oliver was just wondering sadly when suddenly he saw a man entering the school.

He seemed weird to Oliver even though he was a human. 

"Yo, young guy. Where is your teacher? Heisha, right?" He said. 

"Hi. Umm...yes, she's there." Oliver said, pointing towards the classroom. 

Who was this man, who came to meet Heisha? 

The man entered the classroom suddenly. Heisha was teaching the names of fruits to her beloved pupil. "Excuse-Me, please come to the staff room right now." The man said and went straight away. 

All the kids started gossiping. Heisha seemed to know the man and thought that the kids were getting suspicious. So, she quickly assured them, "It's the person from the school management department. We, umm..have an important meeting. Please complete the task I gave you. I'll be back." 

She went to the staff room, the very next moment. "Thank god you're finally here, Dave!" Heisha rejoiced. 

"Yeah, I thought so. I mean, I thought you had a tough time controlling that kid. What's his name again? Diddie right?" Dave said. 

"Eddie," Heisha corrected him. "It's important to keep him in control. He's been absent for a month now. I don't know what's happening with him. We need to track him down." 

"I understand. We need to figure out something." Dave told. 

Aha! So that actually concludes one thing: Heisha is not just a normal teacher, the replacement of Annie. She DOES have a secret, and she has been sent by SOMEONE to control Eddie. 

This actually means that Eddie might be an enemy to someone. 

Who is that SOMEONE? 

*To be continued in Stranger Things- V*

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