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Stranger Things- III

Stranger Things- III

2 mins

A short recap of what happened in the previous episodes: After Eddie's spooky glance, Annie, the teacher and the police officer were dead. What did the spooky glance actually mean? Was it some sort of a curse? Or is it just some kind of black magic? 

The other kids kept gossiping about Eddie, and everything else that had happened since a few weeks. First Annie, then the officer. Who was Eddie's next target. All of this was very, very strange. Everyone had just one question: Why was all of this happening? 

"What's his name again?" Asked a kid. 

"Eddie Damon" Came the reply. 

"Huh! Damon! More like demon!!" Joked the kid. 

Then, a woman entered the class. "Hello, kids!" 

"Hello, miss!!" Shouted all the other kids seated in the classroom.

Eddie, however, seemed afraid. (Strange enough? How can Eddie ever fear someone?!) 

"Well, I heard about your teacher's death. So sorry to hear that. Anyways, I am happy that I am your new class teacher! I am Heisha Smith. Call me Miss Smith." The teacher said sweetly. 

Then, Oliver told the teacher, "Uh, well, all of the kids are really cute here, except that pale guy, whose name is Fraken- sorry. Eddie. He's kind of...strange." 

Heisha just smiled and asked, "Oh! What strange things does he have, though?" 

Oliver whispered, "I guess he could be responsible for those deaths..." 

Heisha just ignored Oliver's assumption and called Eddie to her desk. "Hello, dear Eddie. How are you today?" 

Eddie did not reply. "You don't have to worry now that I am here!" Heisha said sweetly. Eddie ignored whatever she had said and began walking towards his seat. 

Then, he stopped, and glanced spookily at the teacher! The teacher smiled at him. Oliver and his friend whispered, "Uh-Oh. Looks like Miss Smith is also going to be dead soon...." 

School ended soon, and the next day, when the kids came back to school again, the teacher was nowhere to be found. 

Everyone thought that she was dead. But, after few minutes, the teacher entered!! 

"Good morning. I am so sorry. I was in the staff room, for an important discussion." She replied cheerfully. All the kids were shocked! 

Even Eddie, who always looked so spooky and stern, looked shocked and scared as well. 

This was no lie that Eddie's spooky glance surely had something strange, and that's why two persons were dead. 

But why did this spell not work with Heisha, the new teacher? 

Did she also have a secret? Or did she eventually have some cure to Eddie's mysterious life?

What do you think is the reason? 


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