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Abstract Comedy Drama


Reva Saraf

Abstract Comedy Drama



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Everyone knows how rare Yo! Diary episodes are. But, on my previous Yo! Diary episode, many of y'all loved it! Infact, few of you said that you love this diary thingy. (Yea, no respect for other stories :)) lol)

We are teens. We need to go to school. And, as I always say, 'DRAMA IS FOREVER.' So, basically, what I mean to say is, school drama is the best drama. (Lol)

So, we know how someone invented doors. Our teacher told us to decorate the classroom door, because ours was a bit dull, and others was like beautiful. To be serious, our class was like being bullied (only fun- filled bejjati :)) for having a lame door. 

The boys of our class just got into some ego and said that they would LOVE to decorate the door. Our teacher suggested them to take help of us girls as well, but they DENIED. 

And, when you mess with girls, someday you're going to pay for it! (TAKE NOTES, BOYSS!!!)

They totally ruined our door. First, our door was a bit lame. Now, it was the worst! Man, you should've seen that mess. Our teacher got very mad, and guess what? Girls got the door-duty back!!! (And we could rejoice :D) 

Anyways. You got the moral of the story, and if you didn't, you need to read the part again, dear human.

Everybody loves their PE period, until you get one! Even if our class does the tiniest of the mistakes (for example- just shouting while no teacher is there), our class teacher cancels the period. So, PE periods are so rare for us, that we've even forgotten how to hold the ball. We've forgotten how to run! (Being dramatic) 

Now FIFA world Cup is starting soon, and the boys of our class can't keep calm. (Which is supernatural.)

Exams are so annoying. From 30th November, we have our UT-2 starting, and it's going to end by 6th of December. But only one thing is happy-happy here, which is, a trip! Yup! 

Being in a higher grade also has benefits (the disadvantages need to have a separate episode!), like you get to go to good places on school picnics. Its confirmed officially, that we're going to IMAGICA, EE YAYI YAYI YAAA!! (=lite version of the imagica theme song) 

And it's probably overnight (courtesy- rumors) 

We are very-berry excited! Dude, going to imagica is a big deal. We're going to the theme park or the snow park. Definitely not the water park, because in December, it's obviously, cold. (If you think it's not cold, you are lame.) 

Do you want another Yo!Diary episode as the next story of mine? Or something else? 

And make sure you enjoy your dramas. 



(By the way, already gave y'all a hint for the next yo! diary episode) 

Keep praying, cuz you never know, yo! diary episodes are rare. I mean it. 

Okay, now I am going to end this now. Wracking your brain, though :) 

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