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Anuparvathy Shanmugam

Abstract Children Stories Drama


Anuparvathy Shanmugam

Abstract Children Stories Drama

Adam's Adventurous Experience

Adam's Adventurous Experience

7 mins 235 7 mins 235



(Fade in)

Grandfather: (To the audience) Hello everyone! I am very excited today. Do you know why? My grandson is coming to visit me today. This is his first visit to the village of Attini!

(Looks around)

Oh there he is! Hi Adam! Welcome to Attini!

Adam: Hi! Grandpa. Thank you so much. How are you?

Grandfather: I’m good. How are you?

Adam: Amazing. I really like this place. It is so beautiful and peaceful. I can’t wait to explore more of this place.

Grandfather: You will definitely like your hometown because Attini is a beautiful place with chirping birds, greenish plants and trees and a beautiful pond situated in the end of the village. And there is a forest situated next to the village.

Adam: Oh is it?

Grandfather: Yes I’ll tell you more about it later. Come on I’ll show you to your room to get freshened up.

(Fade out)


(Fade in)

Adam: Look grandpa I got a nice friend called Fredrick. He is a brave boy.

Grandfather: Oh! Good. Hello Fredrick!

Fredrick: Hi!

Adam: Grandpa I heard that the people living here believe in a certain rumor. They believe that a dangerous creature called Goofy Paul is protecting the forest. It has a long orange colored hair covering his body.

Grandfather: Yes it’s true! I also believe it. I know that you are a brave boy looking to explore and adventure but you should never step into the forest. 

Adam: But Grandpa…

Grandfather: No Adam. You just cannot go.

(Grandfather leaves)

Adam: Fredrick, do you believe that story?

Fredrick: Yes, I believe that too.

Adam: Then we are going to explore Goofy without the knowledge of my grandfather and I want to see the creature for myself.

Fredrick: Don’t you think it is dangerous?

Adam: I love to have adventures and it is not fair to go back home without any adventure from my first visit to my hometown.

(Fade out)


(Fade in)

Adam: This forest sure is spooky.

Fredrick: Adam I think I heard a noise.

Adam: Yeah I heard it too. Look! There is something moving behind the bush. It looks a lion.

(Lion comes out of the bush)

Lion: I am Mocu the lion. I will test everybody’s intelligence and now I am going to check if both of you are eligible to enter my forest. Who are you?

Adam: I am Adam and he is my friend Fredrick. We came here to explore and find Goofy Paul.

Lion: Before you both enter into my forest you have to answer my question. I will let go of both of you if you answer for any two of questions out of the six.

Lion: What is more useful when it is broken?

Adam: oh! I got the answer. An egg.

Lion It’s correct. Next question

What two things can you never eat for breakfast?

Don’t know? Its lunch and dinner.

What goes up but never comes down?

This is a tricky one. It’s your age.

        3) How do you make the number one disappear?

Adam: The answer is when you add letter g to one it’s gone.

Lion: Good! Let me see if you can crack the other two questions.

 4). What two keys can’t open any door?

It’s a monkey and a donkey.

 5) What can run but can’t walk?

Rain drops.

Lion: Anyways I promised you to let go of you both if you answer any two questions. So you are free to go. Be careful there are other wild animals in the forest.

Both: Thank you Mocu!


(They move in further into the forest)

Fredrick: It’s fun to play with the ball.

Adam: Hey wait. I think we lost the way.

Tiger: If you need to go in a right path you both need to fight with me. And crow will be the referee.

Adam: Fredrick, we have no other way so I am going to fight with him

Fredrick: okay I also agree.

Crow: Tiger is in the lead.

(The lion enters the fight)

Crow: Oh what is this Mocu the lion is fighting with tiger. Mocu lion won the game.

Lion: Tiger, fighting with the kids who were not equal to your power is bad.

Adam: Thank you lion.

Lion: It’s my pleasure.


Fredrick: Adam, I am too tired let’s take rest under this mango tree.

Adam: Okay.

Fredrick: Hey I heard some noise. Maybe it is that Goofy. I feel like someone is watching us.

(Goofy jumps in front of them)

Fredrick: Hey it is goofy. You have long orange colored hair covering his body and two big eyes and a fat body like a wrestling warrior.

(Goofy looks at the ground)

Goofy: Aah!!

(Goofy jumps up a tree)

Fredrick: Hey! Adam look there is a cockroach and a scared goofy climbed up a tree.

Goofy: Boys please chase away the cockroach. I am scared.

Adam: Everybody in my village described you as a dangerous monster but looks like you aren’t that bad as they describe you to be.

Goofy: I won’t leave you both from this forest.

Adam: But I didn’t cause any harm to your friends in the forest then why won’t you leave me.

Goofy: Your words remind me of an incident. This is a story that happened 30 years back. My father died because of boy called Steward. He came here to explore my father Donald Paul.

Fredrick: Hey, in your family all were named as Paul. It’s funny.

Goofy: Don’t interrupt the story boy or else I will kill you.

Fredrick: Sorry monster sir, you continue the story.

Goofy: My father said the same I won’t leave you from this forest that boy said I didn’t cause any harm to your friends then why won’t you leave me? My father Donald Paul trusted him and he allowed Steward to go out of the forest. But after two days, on a peaceful night, the humans came into the forest in large numbers, destroyed our forest and trapped my mother Helen Paul and my father Donald Paul.

Adam: Then how did you escape?

Goofy: Listen to the full story boy. Then my friend Aaron William saved me from that danger at that time I was only six and I lost my parents. From that day onwards I have been living here building up my strengths. It’s a nice forest with a chirping bird and it’s our homeland.

Fredrick: It’s just looking like a maze.

Goofy: You are correct. Helps people get lost and caught. But there is a beautiful water fall here and the water in it would be so tasty because it is mixed with the juices of medicinal plants.

Fredrick:  Oh! Is it?

Goofy: Yes this forest teaches us many lessons. Have you observed the trees? When they are full of fruits they bend down. This teaches us to be humble, polite, not to be selfish and not to be proud of ourselves. Have you observed the flowing river? No matter what ever comes in its way it keeps going on to reach its goal this teaches us to never give up. Have you observed and the nature of its elements, in all ways, help us. It teaches us to help everyone but you greedy people are destroying everything. First you cut the trees and instead of doing aforestation you are doing deforestation and I heard that you people are mixing sewage water by polluting the pure river water and you are polluting the air by the smoke coming from the vehicles and factories.

You guys are not concentrating on agriculture. Because of your merciless act, many of our friends across the world have become endangered. You know 30 years back we had so many forests in this village but you people destroyed it. East or West Forest Is the Best! So I won’t leave any humans from the forest. You humans are not trust worthy so I won’t leave you from the forest.

Fredrick: Goofy has more body strength but less mental strength. I have an idea.

Adam: What?

Fredrick: Watch!

(Fredrick gives Goofy a woolen ball)

Fredrick: There is a gift inside this ball. To see the gift you should slowly remove the wool from the ball.

(Goofy starts unwinding the wool and in that process starts moving backwards)

Adam: Your idea worked. Goofy started to do that. It lost its attention over us and started to pay full attention to the wool. It is going back very fast. I think at this rate it will come near the border of the forest in some time.

(Goofy stands at the edge of the forest)

Goofy: Hey boys you both cheated me there is nothing inside this ball.

Fredrick: Adam, run as fast as your strong legs would carry you.

(They escaped and reached back home safe and exhausted)

Grandfather: Where were you both?

(Adam explained the whole story)

Adam: In the end I saw Goofy started running back into his forest before anybody could see him. Grandpa we both explored Goofy Paul this is a nice adventurous experience for me and Fredrick

Grandfather: I believe you both but you should not tell this secret to anybody. It is very dangerous for small boys to go into the forest like that. Luckily because of your intelligence and awareness, you guys were able to escape.

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