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At any cost, I do not want to miss Sunday afternoon's siesta. The only thing which cherishes my entire week is having a brunch lately on Sunday morning and then sleeping like a polar bear.

But this Sunday, I am ready to sacrifice my sleep for an important job. That is Veer's school admission. Getting a good play school admission for my son is today's goal.

I told Santhosh to come with me. What I can say about him? Sunday is a lazy day for my husband. He went to four different schools already but rejected by the schools.

Yes. To get admission into the good school's, the parent has to pass the tests done by the school management.

I reached the school which is located 50Kms from the center of the city. The schools with a great brand name are all situated in the outskirts of Hyderabad.

Sunlight International School board is much bigger than I have expected.

After passing through multiple security checks, I have been introduced to the principal's secretary.

Getting the principal's appointment is not easy for all parents The secretary explained.

I have been given an aptitude test which I have passed. The final interview will be conducted by the Principal.

There was a list of documents given by the school office which I have to submit at the time of interview.

I sat on a bench in the school playground and started reading the list of documents.

The list goes on like this.1. Parents Education certificates 2.Parents Salary Slips 3.Parents Habits etc..

There is a 15-page list of terms and conditions attached to it.

I mean no human can get this many details and satisfy the terms and conditions of school management for admission.

While I am confused with the process, someone closed my eyes from my back.

I got chills. I mean who can do like that except Santhosh. It is his daily routine for six months after marriage to surprise me.

Later I started surprising him.

I was irate and took down the hands from eyes. Wow. I shouted. There is my bestie Sravya with her kid.

We talked on different things and I came to know that Sravya's husband works here. So their kid got admission easily.

Otherwise, she said another route to get admission easily.

If we donate 50,000 rupees for school's charity activities we can get our child's admission for sure.

I was awestruck with the school's plan of earning money. Now I understand why this school is famous and how it is actively maintaining a high profile.

I said Sravya that it comes under bribe. Sravya laughed at me. She said I mean in which world are you living.

I said, no the method she told.

I got angry with myself for believing the school is great and it shapes the future of Veer.

I left school and went home. When I explained everything to Santhosh, he was silent. He has taken contact number of Sravya and called her.

He decided to give a donation to the school to get admission.

I said Santhosh, Veer's education is starting with a bribe, Quid-Pro-Quo. I do not like this I shouted.

He said Don't be hysteric Neeraja.

Don't you know how the world is working?

Do not try to put your old school thoughts on Veer. Do not be emotional.

Veer, My Baby. Two years baby Veer does not know he is also part of the education business. He is sleeping.

I do not know what is the future of Veer or this country anymore. But as an optimistic creature, I hope his next higher school should not have a brand name.

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