Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Poorvi Tiwari



Poorvi Tiwari


Survival From The Dark Maze

Survival From The Dark Maze

3 mins

Today, I am going to take you all to the most horrifying story you have ever heard about a place which as no exit door- enter at your own risk. You have to imagine yourself in the story for better experience. You will love it! Let's begin...

Just imagine you are having a friendly conversation with your friend she says-

"There is place called- The Dark Maze - a place full of darkness with no hope and no end, people believes there are ghosts residing and if someone dares to step in, he will disappear."

She describes you as a true incident-

"20 year old boy entered that place is missing, it's been 2 days nobody could find him."

You believed it's not true because there is no such thing as ghosts. It's all fear created by the people.

These are your clear thought process because your mind has the knowledge and you believe in what you see.

You become curious and start to think all day and night about that place. Your heart says - Go and find out, you can't control this curiosity. Gradually, it becomes your passion. To some extent you are afraid and ask yourself- what if I disappeared? but your instincts is pushing you to discover the secret behind the darkness.

Now it is the state where your Mind and Heart have a strong connect which becomes a passion . You want to conquer your fear and don't want any regrets in life.

Finally, you decide to visit - The Dark Maze to uncover the truth.

You packed your bag along with your relevant stuff especially Lantern.You reached the entry point of the dark maze, stopped for a while and entered with a Lantern for visibility.

You are walking alone in the dark. It's been an hour you didn't find anything except the horrifying darkness, you sat there, rest for few minutes and started feeling depressed and hopeless.

Now you ask yourself -

"How can I find exit? Is it really possible? Is this the end of my life?"

You stood up and suddenly found a long vertical rectangular shaped line on the wall, it was a hidden door. You pushed the wall harder,and shocked to see a guy on the floor all fainted. Immediately you give him some water and food.

He was the same 20 Yr old missing boy


He explains - " I was terribly depressed and fell down because I completely lost my hope and patience. Thanks to you. You saved my life."

You took him along with you hoping to find an exit door. After sometime, suddenly you found a some light rays coming towards you. You came closer and finally found.......

an Exit door


Yes that's right! There were no ghosts. It was just an illusion and we uncovered- the secret of dark maze. The illusion was no exit door.

Yay! We won the battle.

Moral of the story

Darkness never lasts forever. There will be a Sunshine after every night, that's what we have learned from our beautiful nature. Have the courage to change the false beliefs created by the people. Don't believe in something which has no Base or no reality. It's an illusion.

Don't loose your patience in the middle of your battle. Don't get lost into the darkness.

Keep moving forward.

Never Loose Hope.

Never Give Up.

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