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Poorvi Tiwari

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Poorvi Tiwari

Crime Others

No Selfie Please!

No Selfie Please!

5 mins

Dear Audience, I am going to narrate a story that portrays about taking selfies in the temple which are prohibited to avoid distractions and preserving sanctity.

This story is about a spoiled brat- Ronny belongs to one of the richest family of his town. His father name - Harish who was a business tycoon and his religious mother - Savitri.

Ronny: Dad, I need Rs.50000 today.
Harish: What? Last week I have given you 30000, where did you spend?
Ronny: I told you I went to Goa for a holiday with my friends.
Harish: Savitri, tell your son to concentrate on studies instead of roaming around with friends. At least he should complete the graduation.
Ronny: Dad, please don't overreact. I need it urgently.
Savitri: Please give him Harish and don't disturb me while I am doing worship.

Harish gave his credit card to Ronny while discussing an important business deal on phone "Take my credit card and get lost"

Ronny: Thank you, mom. You are so caring. Love you.

Ronny touch Savitri's feet for blessings

Savitri: Hey Ronny! Wait, wait. Please drop me to the temple, it's Tuesday and I am fasting. It's terribly hot today.
Ronny: Oh God!.....Fine, please hurry up. I have to catch up with my friends as I am already getting late.

Ronny dropped her to the temple.

Savitri: Ronny, I kept fast for you please come inside with me it's an important ritual I have arranged specially for you.
Ronny: What? Are you kidding me? I don't believe in all these rituals. I am getting late. Please let me go, my friends are waiting for me.
Savitri: Please my son, I am convinced your father today and you don't have time for me.
Ronny: Ok fine, Let's go. I'll tell my friends to wait. Please hurry up mom.

Inside the temple, there was -"No Selfie" board just next to the idol of a deity. The rituals have started and as you know Ronny was not interested to be involved. He was roaming around.

Few girls were standing in front of the idol and praying. Suddenly they hear a sound ......Click...Click...

One girl- Reema turned around and said to her friends..."Why people don't respect and maintain the dignity of this temple."

Ronny heard those words of what Reema, he gave her a weird expression and continued.

Guard to Ronny: Sir, Please don't take selfies. It's strictly not allowed.

Ronny with a weird smile ignored guard and took another selfie. Some other devotees after seeing Ronny, they also started posing for selfies.

Girls decided to write a letter to the concerned authorities against Ronny and other devotees for taking selfies in the temple. Ronny and other people were informed by the officials that he has to pay Rs.500 as a penalty. The authorities cross-checked from the CCTV camera and took this matter very seriously and decided to immediate action.

Guard to Ronny: Excuse me, Stop!
Ronny to the Guard: Hey! You are blocking my way, Get lost!
Guard: We have seen you via CCTV camera you were taking selfies despite the caution notice we put up inside the premises. You have to pay fine.

Ronny was a bit shocked as he didn't expect that he will be blocked by the authorities.

Savitri: What happen?
Ronny: Mom, I don't know what's wrong with these people, they are saying I was taking selfies.
Savitri: Ronny did not take any selfie, please don't block us and let my son move out. Look at those people, they are taking selfies, Please catch them.

Ronny's mom informed Harish about the incident and advised him to call the police. She didn't care to listen to the truth. Harish wanted to show his power to the temple authorities as he had a strong political connection, but he didn't know that this time a New police officer- Mr. Roy was appointed as an in-charge. He had a great track record.

Mr.Roy visits the temple to understand the case. He saw the CCTV footage of Ronny and other devotees.

Mr. Roy to authorities: Please call everyone to the main hall. Let me handle it. I will teach them a lesson today.

All the devotees and Ronny were lined up in the hall.

Mr. Roy to Ronny: Don't waste my time. I saw your CCTV recordings so don't think you will be spared by me.

Mr.Roy announced the other culprits to pay the fine.

Ronny raised his voice and used abusive words.

Mr. Roy kept quiet for a while .....He gave a tight slap on Ronny's face. Ronny and his mom got terribly shocked, they didn't expect a slap.

Mr. Roy shouted on them and asked Ronny to pay fine to the authorities. Ronny felt embarrassed and shaken. The other culprits were shivering because they followed Ronny and caught. Finally, they all agreed.

Warning Message to the Devotees by Mr. Roy with a Mike

"I hope you all won't forget today's date. This is not a place you come for leisure or a picnic. This is a religious place where devotees seek solace from their sorrows. Taking selfies with an idol disrupts the spiritual spirit of the devotees. If you don't respect and abide the rules. You will be penalized. We are watching each and every devotee through CCTV camera. So it's not a request, It's my order to pay the fine to the temple authorities. I don't need to repeat myself - No Selfies Allowed inside the premises. Quickly proceed and go home."

This incident was spread to the media and published to the newspaper. Mr. Roy taught a lesson about the significance of these sacred places. Please respect them and stop taking selfies inside the premises.

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