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Travel the path from illness to wellness with Awareness Journey. Grab your copy now!

Droplet's Rebirth

Droplet's Rebirth

3 mins

Everyone has a story, so I have a story to share. Do you know, who I am? So, I am not one but I am in everyone. I was like a little baby in an embryo last night. In that hazy situation I cannot remember what was happening to me. Last time, when I was born again to leave this small life within two to three hours, one elderly among us asked, "Can you remember your last time?" No, was my answer.

"It happens with us. When I was like you I can't remember also, but after getting into the 'Cycle' I tried and succeeded to remember who I am. I can decipher now what is happening with me. "So I can do also!" "Absolutely my boy; you will have a family like me. First of all practice to gain a good memory. Without any control on your memory you can't know yourself, so go on practising and have a dream for which we leave this small earth for a better future. Like the old and weary leaves of the tree, we all have to fall apart. Only kindling of a dream remains." "What is dream, by the way?" "Ha, ha, ha ... my boy, dream is something like having belief in oneself despite of having a small life, don't make it long, concentrate on making it large! If you have trust on your abilities, you can do what you want to do, if you have a burning hope and a cherishing dream inside. I won't describe you these things right now as you knew everything and have to rediscover it. Just have strong belief in your memory, it will bring everything back to you. Next time we will be friends, then we will be no more strangers. I've to go now, the wind is calling me. Bye." "Belief? eh?" "Ha, ha, ha...bye!"

Two days passed from that meeting, and the good news is I've got my memory back, refreshing and lively. Some phases are still blurry but I have strong belief that I can do it. I am resting on a young leaf of that big tree now. The sun is starting to peep with its new rays of hope. Strong breeze is blowing. But I have my dream now; I have to touch that small pebble once again as I am feeling a connection with it. I knew it but I cannot remember how? Many of my brothers have just fallen apart, but I want to fall on that specific pebble. Somehow I am fighting on the tip of that leaf to meet my target. Lets go.

Yeah, I have done it, my friend was right, hope is the key of greater success. After hitting the pebble it has started to roll down. With it the huge group of rocks it is rolling down. There is a small watery extension beneath me. After that moment, it will transform into a big stream since with the rolling stones unstoppable flow of water is running down heavily. My small spherical body has merged in that rushing water. It is written years ago. It is my destiny. Now I can feel the oneness with the whole Cosmos. Oh! I have forgotten to tell you about myself. Last night it was raining heavily. I am the result of that - rain drops. I am a tiny drop of water. If I can do it, why can't you?

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