Biswoprotim Bhattacharya

Abstract Drama Inspirational


Biswoprotim Bhattacharya

Abstract Drama Inspirational

Waiting for the dust to settle

Waiting for the dust to settle

3 mins

The fleeting nature of life in relative terms only finds an edifice, lying next to a dimension of time. It is common for us paltry humans to blame all our misfortunes on the vagaries of time. Yet, we forget that like any quantifiable scale it requires another plane to be worth it's while. It is all part of an inclusive universe wherein coming together the alterations within time turn into motives and then to actions.

"What is the motive that drives me forward?" the motivation to be successful!

Fair enough, how?

I wonder at this question! I rack my brain?

"Suddenly" this word echoing in my head,"suddenly" as a ringing Japanese gong fading into oblivion take on a magical quality as the budding author became successful, but only in his mind since he doesn't know what happened around that "suddenly". A happen chance into a dystopian world.

Time flew and life happened. A life which laments the fact of words not touching paper. Of inspiration flowing down a drain, a life imagined on words and falling on a cardboard. The cardboard of that bestselling hardback maybe. "What about cover arts?" my mind playing tricks on me. I can hear the strains of music and the pregnant questions about words I had written, sentences I had composed. Letters, I had written so many of them. Some where I described the depth of my love while in others it was the pathos within my mind, creeping its way in slowly!

The plaid nature of life is such that in this moment where I am nearing death I am getting an urge to see all my books, one last time, to check up on my friends maybe, stacked neatly across multiple shelves. These flashes of old memories are troublesome as they intend to pull me in within them. It is not time yet. I have things to remember. Maybe, today if I reach across and grab that pad and paper, I shall write my masterpiece. I shall write about the mythical lands in the east and love stories of the south. Stories that in a lifetime had taken me across continents. I feel a slight pressure on my chest. I get hold of the nearest pen and slowly open the notepad. Maybe, this shall be my moment. The one point where someone smiles after reading my playful words. Ah! it's so beautiful. A work of beauty coming to life. It could never be about the money, it could never be about power. It is about the experience that renders you powerless taking you on adventures and quests.

The machines started beeping rapidly, I had to put everything down to paper. It will just have to see dawn, even if I don't and this shall stay as part of my legacy. The beeping stopped, peace, finally. I shall finish writing this and it shall be oh! so beautiful.

As the duty nurse tugged the pad away from the bony fingers of a dead corpse she read the only words on that page,"Waiting for the dust to settle."

Time had dwindled and the words were none the wiser.

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