Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Swati Tyagi



Swati Tyagi


A Letter To My Daughter

A Letter To My Daughter

3 mins

Last year, was the most eventful and beautiful year of my life. This year has taught me lessons ,that I won’t dare to forget and given memories to cherish. I hope these lessons will come in handy, as and when you need them. I am jotting them down for the sole reason: Life is nothing; if not uncertain. I might be out of reach when you need me but, I want my experiences to be within your reach.

Whatever I am going to say, might be wrong or right and I don’t expect/want you to follow by the words. You can have a reference point but, you can never learn from other’s experiences. You have to make your own mistakes and have your own experiences, in order to learn something. Here is what I have learnt and I hope, it will prepare you for your life ahead:

· Character doesn’t come with gender, age, nationality, sexuality or anything. Never let anything, bias your trust for someone.

· If you have to run after someone’s affection or approval, you are probably just wasting your energy. Either you won’t get it or, you won’t find it worth.

· Low IQ people often run after religion blindly.

· Maturity doesn’t come with age or experience. You need to be willing to widen your horizon to be mature.

· Friends and family both are important. But, neither of them can be replaced by the other.

· Accept the relations and people as life brings them to you. Trying to find a sibling in a friend or a parent in a teacher never works.

· Both alcohol and screen-time are addictive and numbs the brain. The limit to be imposed on you should be decided by you, when you are clear headed.

· After a fight, break-up, lost promotion or anything that didn’t went the way you wanted it to, try going for a walk or talking to someone, instead of a drink or movie.

· Life is really simple. Trying to close our eyes to the harsh realities complicates it.

· Life is never easy, it’s worthy.

· No matter, what you do, it will never be enough if you are a daughter-in-law.

· Everything happens for a reason; and a good one indeed.

· Literacy doesn’t make you educated.

· Relationships aren’t easy. They demand a lot of hard work. Think of all the hard work you have put before deciding to quit.

· Karma, always gets back at you and mostly when you are least prepared.

· Someone can be your only hope and liability at the same time.

· Parenting demands sacrifices but, never sacrifice more than you are willing to. You definitely don’t want to burden your kids.

· Try owning a personal library. You will see yourself grow with your books because no matter how cliché it sounds, but good books are always your friends.

· Happiness is a choice.

You have turned one last week and I wanted to give you something more than dresses, toys or parties where you are the center of attraction. I hope, this letter will help you a tiny bit to get through your wonderful life.

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