Kajal Pawar

Abstract Drama


Kajal Pawar

Abstract Drama

A Mysterious Affair

A Mysterious Affair

3 mins

It was cold Winter night of Saturday, as soon as I finished cutting my nails, somebody knocked on the door three times until I could open to find no one outside.

I locked my door behind while taking the keys and money. I took a long way as it was quieter. A cute black cat crossed my path, I wished I could adopt her. I was starting to feel cold on my skin like my eyes had acquired the coldness since I was born. The cold gaze of my eyes isn’t at all charming but dreadful to many.

I have an unusual name, I am called Dawn, I personally prefer darkness.

When I reached home, it was midnight, and I took the bath from my head as if I had an urgency to wash away my thoughts before they could attack me. The moon Shone like the moon, and I lived like darkness.

I wasn't an insomniac, never had been but there was something lost about this night which kept me awake. I knew I was guarding myself against a dream, a nightmare.

I felt as if I was dead all these years and now I was waiting here again to find myself before anyone could take me away from me before I would disperse into innumerable atoms, that meant loneliness, but I desired it. The awareness and constant companionship of your mind take you everywhere from nowhere and you choose to go there, without expectations, fears or even logical reasons. I only mean that we are passionately capable of all these things. It's almost 2 am now, I miss my best friend. And I feel incredibly lost without him.

Ah! Let me tell you about him, it might help me fall asleep. A childhood friend always demands a superposition in your life and so does mine, I can gratefully say that Jack would let me win all the childhood games in happiness and in vain, he knows how sensitive I am. I haven't talked to jack for a long time, it worries me. But I shouldn't over think. I understand him too well to get angry with him. But my anxiety worries him. I tell him, being a girl is quite difficult, not because of general discomforts but because our minds are much more complex. I am missing Jack and I will miss him again...

 I had fallen asleep quietly that night, it's been 4 months now, I talk to jack every day. I don't have to miss him anymore. But, I think am misunderstood by people around me. Jack tells me everything will be fine, his sweetness makes me overconfident and cold, after all, he is my only companion.

Can I tell you something if not confess, I believe you empathize so well that I tell everything? I think my other friends are jealous of our beautiful friendship, they dislike us, they tell me I am going mad. They deny that Jack is my best friend. I am having a headache, I am locked inside a whitewashed room, they seem worried for me. I'll tell Jack about this. But, they tell he died long ago. They never believe I talk to him every day. I don't want to live here, they brought me here as if I was a savaged animal. I will tell Jack about this, he comes when am alone, he likes peace and is shy. I feel petrified here.

A man with white clothes tells my friend, "she is one with two minds".

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