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Kajal Pawar



Kajal Pawar


An Incident

An Incident

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Our brain has been wired as such that we clearly remember sad memories more than happier ones...I am no different in this case! Let me take the liberty and authority of telling you how I used my stupidity to land myself into a problem!

I was in primary section of the school at the time, If you withstand my nature of being introvert, clumsy and strange you must know am not altogether built for social interactions...

I make enemies easier than friends, I make people uncomfortable more than being friendly!

Despite my general rudeness I managed to make a friend ( I thought he was a friend but wait till I tell my tale)...

I once had this argument about my intelligence and his idiotic mind in the recess which by all means was against his pride and machismo.

The day went by and I had to wait for school bus which I wouldn't board on without him, As soon as he came by he declared that is not the bus for today and that it has been replaced by another. I like a princess of Galaxy thought he was being kind!

As soon as the bus started I realised he wasn't boarded as he had promised...

Everyone got down one by one asking me about my destination. I was the new girl in the bus and everyone was kind enough to emphasise and make me feel familiar with them, In fact I played games too (with sadness and anxiety within).

I was crying from inside (I never used to cry in front of others as a child). After sometime I fell asleep, when I got up the bus was empty and the driver worried.He brought me safely home at night and I remember my sister hugging me for the first time...

I must mention my evil thought of the day that "I wish I get lost everyday so everyone will miss me"!

I might not have been exactly lost but I wasn't even found on time...

I must thank him for his considerations on my eccentric nature and anti-villain approach towards society.

P.S- I met him after Eight years last year!

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