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Ironical Smile Of Dead

Ironical Smile Of Dead

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'Ironical Smile Of Dead' obviously, is an interesting tittle? And believe I don't worked more to find it. I got it very easily just like, finding an Elephant in group of an Ants.

Few days ago, I was in my writing room and enjoying the beauty of nature through my rectangular window. And really, nature have healing power it heals our pain. Abruptly, my snoopy eyes stopped at some little artists, who were making a small temple with clay for the worship of Lord Ganesha and Maa Laxmi. And yes, it was the day of great festival 'Diwali'. These children were as busy in making temple as Honeybee.

Real faith in God was reflecting on their face. Left people were showing their faith with the bundles of money. I didn't feel the same faith in both.

Ever I was also similar to these children, I was also innocent and my feelings were also secular and pure. Suddenly, a image formed in the front of my eyes and I remembered an accident of my childhood.

Rasoolpur a small village in Uttar Pradesh near flowing cannal, well connected roads, full of Greenery, reflecting it's glow by farming, and it's crown a bridge junction; where people collect and debate.

I remember, it were the days of 2011. It was spring season, the trees and bushes that lost their leave over winter begin to grow new leaves and flowers again.

Mr. & Mrs. Verma family was living in my village consists of Husband, Wife, Daughter and Grandfather. They were named Manu, Savita, Pari and Mansaram respectively. Mansaram's son and daughter-in-law were taking the care of him ever though he had property. After that they changed their nature like muskmelon. No one was caring him after that except his granddaughter, Pari.

Pari was only 12 but, she cares for her grandfather as much as possible. As Mansaram's old days were coming he was unable to do his daily life's work.

One day, Mansaram was suffering from fever and he demanded for some medicine from Manu. He didn't provided him medicine but also beaten him and didn't gave a single bit of food for whole day, Mansaram was crying from pain. When no one were at home, Pari secretly give him little sugars and roties. This information reached to the ears of Savita, and she punished the Pari. They stooped giving food to Mansaram and they wanted that, 'He die as soon as possible. So, they can settle in the city.

Next day, Mansaram was going to eat stale roties. Abruptly a Dog reached there and looking Mansaram with needy eyes, Dog was looking hungry. Shaking hands of Mansaram shared the roties with Dog.

And Mansaram was looking the Dog with the feeling of happiness.

After an hour there was crowd near Mansaram. There was a smile on his face, His face was glowing like Blue moon. But, sorry! He is no more.

Today, we have been killing our brother for land, money, food. We can't see the progress of others. We cannot sacrifice for our parents. It's an irony of our society. Mansaram's ironical smile is teasing us, jesting our bloody thinking.

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