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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Mollika Sherchan Kaur

Drama Romance Action


Mollika Sherchan Kaur

Drama Romance Action

The Mountain Girl – The Conversation- Part 3

The Mountain Girl – The Conversation- Part 3

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Series 1

Part 3:

The sun filtered through the cloud, the twilight melted away. The majestic red and orange sunrise opened it's eyes rising over the horizon glowing its powerful lights like a molten volcano spreading all over the landscape and in every blade of grass. The morning is assured and unstoppable. Nivedita needed just a few more minutes of blackness not to sleep, but to prepare on pouring her thoughts and rememorizing the moments from last evening. The chaos in her heart was clearly seen in her room, the dark ragged outline of the clothes that she wore the previous day was blatantly lying on the floor, the left pair of her stilettoes sheltered on her kitchen floor and the right on the lobby and the dirty dishes in her kitchen sink were screaming to be rescued, it wasn't from the last night, they were dropped dead from the morning before she left to meet her beloved Joey. She didn't eat anything last night as her mood was in it's most baffled state. By the way what is cooking up inside her mind; even she is unaware, was it the black clouds of the past which keeps on hovering above her. Now, when she should be dancing under the shades of rainbow she fears that Thor might be ready to jolt his hammer anytime and the thunder will fall right above her head splattering it into different directions.

What a pity she was just imagining her head splattering all over,

Ugh! "Oh Gosh Nevi", she screamed at herself.

What an awful thought to start your day, "Have you done Phd on pessimism?", she questioned herself, she frowned her brows and stuck her tongue out in a signal of teasing herself. She then slowly lifted her body to get up, spreading her arms like a morning butterfly ready to take a flight, hold her head high and tilted her neck, she then suddenly stopped and with a half-lidded eye she bite her lips at the corner and said so Nevi it is ah ha. She remembered how Joey said, "You are a woman to be loved Nevi", and she also recalled how a moment afore she called herself Nevi, no one had ever given her a pet name. Her name she thought has always been this long and boring chapter of History, "Nivedita" as if it was the name of some monarch and by rule it was not meant to be abbreviated. Has she been that boring! Another thought raided her mind. "Who cares", she giggled; she has Joey now. She was so trapped in his thoughts that she could see the ghost of her past entombed inside her mind was slowly trying to find a way out. The ecstasy of love was choking that bastard, she frequently blinked her eyes tilting her head.

Even the morning light plotted to give her a bed kiss today casting it's amber lights and it's shadow over the wreck of her bedsheet and thin blanket to her cheeks. Maybe Joey sent them, she imagined his face and his smile then she covered her face with her hands and blushed. The sunlight peeking from the curtains behind her is astonished looking at this same girl who just knew how to throw herself out of her bed and then get back to her so-called fake perfect life, the sunlight smiled brighter seeing that scientists succeeded in inventing an emotional Artificial Intelligence and for Nivedita that inventer was no other than Joey. A ding sound on Nivedita's mobile dragged her from her fantasies.

Good Morning Love..

Oh My! It was Joey, she responded with a Good Morning bae note. Just now she realized the time looking at her cellphone, soon there will be color and traffic noises, the smell of other residents making their morning coffee and toast, the milkman blowing his whistle and the children screaming on the streets, she jumped right out of the bed. How badly she wants to break free today with all her daily chores and script her love story to every single brick of her empty room. She was transporting her mobile everywhere she goes as if it's her baby who needs to be looked after no matter what work she is into. After all Joey was shooting messages after messages and she didn't want to delay in replying. He demanded for her picture and without hesitation she captured her smile and sent him back. "What a beauty you are", was his reply, she grinned and immediately typed "Send me your", he too obeyed her like a loyal lover. A radiant smile covered her face, she zoomed in and like an artist tried to study every miniscule details of his face, "I Love you", she whispered.

Whole day at her work she got engaged with her phone as if this small box contained the oxygen she needed to breathe, on the other side Joey's participation was equally parallel. They were lost in the engagement of a love affair of the century. In the endemic sickness where Nivedita had a horrified childhood where she had never been close to her parents, where never had she ever felt the warmth of being at home, and where her parents had never in her 28 years of life showed some belongingness to her the entry of Joey in her life made her feel warm and needed. Even her relation with Rishab she remembers, wasn't like how it is with Joey, they were of course in love but now that he is not around she doubted was it even love?. They cared for each other they did things that could charm each other and of course he was like a best friend to her, she gave two hundred out of hundred for their relation and a hundred was from his side too of course until there were no hurdles, until he wasn't asked to prove that his strong arms could shelter her and protect her from any darkness that follows her. Also, they never wrote a romantic sonnet on each other's skin, she never even felt the need and neither did he. Now is different as if the feeling of Joey's love has somewhere rebooted her entire biological system, the lover of her imagination sent imaginary ladders that are lifting her strength to do all the other things that are unacceptable and unexpected.

One her way back to home she watched the gratefulness of the sky, how she has never witnessed it's magic. Beyond the horizon when it's settling down, the rich hues of red blended with orange, crimson and purple painted the whole blue sky. High above the cloud along with the shimmering lights of golden sunlight was hovering a mist of pollution. She felt pity about what distress the mother earth has to carry all gifted from her beloved children. Then her eyes fell on the millions of lights coming out from multistorey apartments which glittered the whole city like some falling stars. People and cars were running throughout the city like veins, the hustle bustle will never end she said. She could see some couple riding off for a drive and some were seen in the parking space of the huge shopping malls. Again, Joey clicked her imagination and she smiled. As soon as she reached home her mobile made a ding sound, she hurried to reach her cellphone assuming that it could be a text from her love. It was an email from her boss.

Dear Ms. Nivedita,

I am writing this mail in regards to the shipment processed yesterday for Shipment No- S39045, has been exchanged with the address of another Shipment No- H25678. The client has filed a complaint against our company, with huge shame I am writing this email asking for an explanation. Let me also inform you that you from the company's side will be facing all the legal issues with the client and the company can't in any mean will support you in any of this, you solely will be responsible for your blatant behavior.

Sincerely Yours,

A.K Shaman

Managing Director

Ocean Container Line

Her hands were trembling in fear and in guilt not by the mail from his boss, but by the fact that Shipment No- S39045 belongs to Joey's company and she remember Joey telling her that how important this shipment was to reach on time otherwise his company can lose a very big contract coming it's way. She was the only person responsible for Joey's loss, he clearly instructed her about it's importance, how will she face her? What will she explain to him? How will his reaction be? Was it Joey who has sued her? Moreover, she hasn't received any message from Joey yet, otherwise her phone would already have rained with hundreds of his messages till this time. Her boss hasn't mentioned the name of the client and the company, at that moment she felt like being transported into a timeless existence. The night was going to be long and scary.

P.S: Everything around fades away, time standing still….

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