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Adhithya Sakthivel

Crime Action Thriller


Adhithya Sakthivel

Crime Action Thriller

War : A fight inside the count

War : A fight inside the count

7 mins 405 7 mins 405

Akhil, the Commander in Indian Army, is a hot-blooded and ruthless officer, who punishes the one doing any offence that's against the welfare of the country. Besides working for the Indian Army, Akhil is also a part of Research Analytics Wing in India.

RAW, being a multi-task operations force, has took Akhil for so many countries, where Akhil has arrested so many wanted terrorists in Dubai, Iran, and Afghanistan. Due to the severe anger management and strict behavior of Akhil, his senior officer Sub-Lieutenant Sri Ram Raghav, Akhil's mentor and foster father, suspends him for five months and sends him to Mumbai.

Here, Akhil meets his close friend ASP Sai Adhithya, the newly transferred ASP to Mumbai. Sai Adhithya, on the other hand, is a guy who has beaten up the local politician in Hyderabad for creating ruckus in the signal roads and as a result of this act, he has been transferred to Mumbai as a punishment.

Here, comes a strict Commissioner named Narayana Rajulu, who wants Mumbai to be crime-free and away from the gangsters and he also assures that, Mumbai will be a crime-free place by the month of December.

The main area, Daravi is being dominated by a powerful gangster named, Deepak Mehra, fondly called as the "Dawood Ibrahim of Mumbai", due to his high aggression and violence towards the people. On hearing the domination of gangsters, Akhil calls Sai Adhithya, where Akhil creates a plan map in which he names as "Operation Mumbai".

Akhil meets Commissioner Narayana and explains his schedule to him while Adhithya watches his plans and moves silently. "Akhil. Is it possible to execute this plan?" asked the Commissioner.

"Sir. If you want this city to be a crime-free, it's possible" said Akhil.

"Ok Akhil. As per you planned, let's execute." Said the Commissioner.

As per they planned, Akhil creates an office and secluded place in his house, where he can torture and kill the gangsters. Akhil also brings some gas torturing components to torture the gangsters. Slowly, as per Akhil's orders, Commissioner teams up and Akhil slowly gathers the attention of the underworld kingpins and gangsters across Mumbai, who turns rival against the police department.

Meanwhile, Sandhiya, the daughter of Rajulu, meets Akhil and falls in love with Akhil's good deeds and architectural works, which impresses her. She is also impressed when Akhil motivated the youngest generations to be bold and patriotic towards the country. Sandhiya becomes close friend to Akhil and as days passes, Akhil proposes his love to Sandhiya, which she accepts. However, Narayana is against Akhil and Sandhiya's love and he pleads with Akhil to go from Sandhiya's life, which he refuses.

Later, Akhil rages an attack against Deepak Mehra's henchman and he almost kills the henchman of Deepak Mehra after killing Deepak's sons, Ajay and Umar Abdullah. Since, Sandhiya saw Ajay, the henchman luckily escapes from the place.

"Sandhiya. What are you doing here? Come with me." Said Akhil.

"What are you doing here, Akhil? My father was right in his decision. You have told me an architect and are you having a gun with you?" asked Sandhiya.

"Don't move, Akhil" said Narayana holding him at gunpoint.

"I know that, you have killed the gangsters after getting all of their black moneys and then, torturing and killing them all" said Narayana.

"Only up to that, you know sir. Aftermath of the black money, you must know what I did!" said Akhil.

Akhil takes Naryana to the orphanage which he has built for the welfare of the children's and said to him that, "This is not for my welfare sir. But, for the future generations of this nation. I need their welfare to be good and fair"

Narayana realizes Akhil's good intentions and also motivates him to continue the mission. But, Narayana asks Akhil to join IPS force coming out from the Army, which Akhil refuses, since he considers Army to be important.

Sandhiya considers Akhil as a threat to her father's life and she after day by day, insults him at every time which is in-tolerated by Sai Adhithya and he shouts at her one day in anger.

Sai Adhithya, Narayana and Akhil continues their violent attack against the gangsters and the end of November comes where, the city is now peaceful and free from any violent activities. Naryana and Sai Adhithya are praised for their efforts by the ministers and the ministers also praise Akhil's immense role in the elimination of gangsters.

Angered at the loss of his crime empire, Deepak orchestrates his henchman in Naryana's house and gets him killed as a revenge. On learning this, Akhil goes to his house and tries to save Naryana but, it's too late. Naryana requests Akhil not to spare Deepak Mehra, remembering the 2008 Mumbai Riots, after which Akhil is very angry and furious as it was the year where he loses his parents and family members in the hands of Deepak Mehra's men.

At this time, Akhil reveals his main motive behind arrival to Mumbai for Sandhiya and Sai Adhithya. Akhil was an Anglo-Indian and his parents were from Coimbatore district. They were rich in USA and they wished to do a lots of good things for this country.

On 23.08.2007, at the time of Akhil's birthday, his parents landed in Mumbai and lived happily for some days and they have also planned to do social services in Mumbai. During the birthday of Akhil in 23.08.2008, a violent riots breaks up in Mumbai, which were orchestrated by Pakistani Terrorists and Deepak Mehra's men and they also made Akhil as the victim in the attacks by killing his entire family members.

During at that time also, Akhil never gave up his hopes and met Sub-Lieutenant Sri Ram, one of the friends of his father, and the latter, adopts Akhil due to Akhil's passion to join the Indian Army. In the times of his schools and college days, Akhil joined NCC and he further studied about the Crime syndicate networks and Terrorisms in India.

Akhil, from that time, has created a chain of plan to eliminate the gangsters and he was waiting for the right time to execute his planning. Hearing the drastic past of Akhil, Sandhiya feels remorseful and she apologizes to Akhil for her bad behavior.

Sai Adhithya is also regretful for behaving bad with Akhil and he apologizes to him and they all reconciles. No way to be found, Deepak Mehra decides to go away from India since, no one is left alive in the crime syndicate of Mumbai.

However, before leaving from Mumbai, Deepak decides to seek revenge for his son's death in the hands of Akhil and he kidnaps Sandhiya and Sai Adhithya.

Akhil goes to Deepak's hideout and kills his henchman with the help of Sai Adhithya, whom he rescues and they both, kills Deepak's henchman. However, Deepak's henchman Ajay threatens to kill Sandhiya if he kills Deepak.

If he wants to spare the life of Sandhiya, Akhil wants to shoot himself and die. "Akhil. No…" said Sandhiya.

Akhil shoots himself in his stomach and before he dies, he kills Deepak and Ajay brutally thus, fulfilling his wish. Sandhiya cries and comes to Akhil, "A dying person won't lie for his love, Sandhiya. Do you love me now?" asked Akhil.

Sandhiya cries at him and in the hospitals, Akhil luckily recovers and Sandhiya smiles at him. Akhil calls Sub-Lieutenant and said to him, "Sir. Our mission Operation Mafia is success"

"Great job, Akhil" said Sub-lieutenant and now, Sandhiya asks Akhil, "Akhil. Were you not suspended by the Sub-Lieutenant?"

"No, Sandhiya. It was just a drama played by us. He wanted to execute an operation in Mumbai, since it was the head place of terrorisms. Hence, he asked me to execute the operation" said Akhil.

"Hence, you also used this as an golden opportunity to kill Deepak Mehra and his crime syndicate. Is it Akhil?" asked Sai Adhithya.

"Yes Sai Adhithya. I considered it as a right opportunity to eliminate criminals in India" said Akhil.

"Ok. What's your next plan, Akhil?" asked Sandhiya.

"Mission India" said Akhil implying that, Akhil will further continue his mission to stop crime syndicate taking place in India.

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