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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Eddie Loud

Action Fantasy


Eddie Loud

Action Fantasy

After The Fall Chapter 5

After The Fall Chapter 5

7 mins 220 7 mins 220

Rise of the Avians

“Come, much to do.” Pupil said as he patted Erika on the shoulder. They took a few paces when Erika looked down and saw a severed hand. It was pale and had, what looked like thick hairs on what was left of the wrist.

“Pupil, take a look at this.” Erika said, squatting down for a closer look herself.

“Hmm.” Pupil said as he picked it up and held it to his right eye. “Yes, this is as I first thought.” He flipped the hand to Erika.

Erika caught it and gave a disgusted look to Pupil.

“Bring him back. I’ll look for one too.”Pupil turned away.

“Bring what back, this is just a hand. How....”

“Same as before. Nothing different here.”

“’s just a hand.”

“Yes, yes. It is a hand. Never say I never gave you a hand.” He said as he turned away and went deeper into Hurculaneum. “Fine you will be, feel with hands, soul and heart. Seek the owner of the shell. The rest will happen on its own.”

Erika took a closer look at the hand. It looked nearly human. She thought it was at first. But she soon noticed the nails were narrower and almost talon like, and the thick hairs were not hairs after all, but real fine feathers. She held the hand in hers, like it was still attached, palm to palm in a way one handshake. When she closed her eyes she saw thousands of shapes, moving in the shadows, until one stepped forward, a blinding yellow light filled her vision.

“Thank you young one.” Came an aged voice.

Erika opened her eyes and saw the golden eyes looking back at her. She loosened her grip on the hand and the Avian slid it from her grasp. He was easily seven feet tall, broad of shoulders. He stretched and took a deep breath. When he exhaled a pair of great wings came out from behind him. He twisted his white feathered head from side to side, it popped a few times.

“Come, we have others to help.”

For the next few hours Erika worked side by side with this Avian that looked like a giant eagle. Bringing back hundreds before they ran into Pupil again. When he saw the Avian giant working with Erika he had a large smile spread across his face. Showing his three teeth.

“Senator Volar, it is a pleasure to see you alive. Long dead I thought you were.”

“I thought the same about you enlightened one. It seems the winds have decided we are not done with this fight yet.”

“Yes, good omen it is that we find ourselves here. Even better with a Ransford child.”

The Senator looked at Erika and knelt on his right knee. “Forgive me, I did not know I was in the presence of a Ransford.”

Erika’s face was twisted with confusion. She had no idea what to do, she looked to Pupil for guidance. He looked amused at her discomfort, she wanted to slap him.

Pupil’s expression changed, like she actually had. “Tell him, only you can restore his honor.”

“It’s OK,” Erika said and patted him on his shoulder. “Hop on up, we’re good.”

The Senator looked sideways at Pupil.

“We are working on that. Better she will get.”

The Senator nodded and stood. “Come, let the others finish, we have much to discuss.”

The three, along with Bambi and Gryphon walked away from the now thousands of Avians and a couple hundred humans that were still healing and resurrecting the rest of their allies to a secluded area under a few trees. The sun was setting and the Senator, stopped mid stride and picked something up. It was a golden staff with wings on the end of it. He patted it against his left hand and continued to walk with the staff, it touched the ground when his left foot did.

He spoke, “I sense you wish to return to the Spire.”

“Yes, yes, of course. Not only to weaken our enemy, but to find ones that are missing.”

“Are you aware of a greater Spire, one that is closer, that will damage our enemies more.”

“Hmm, yes. I am aware of this. Also, you must know, guarded heavily it is. Many Saurian and Grey there. Maybe we take smaller Spires first. Then take Cahokia.”

“Maybe, however, you should know that the Nords are already there.”

“Large in number?”

“No, but with us, and the few humans we have....”

“Still not enough.”

The Senator sounded tired. “But with a Ransford, maybe they can get through the other resistance and then face the enemy.”

Pupil cocked his head and looked up at the Senator. “Other resistance?”

“We were getting reports of horses with tattoos on their hind quarters. Some with horns, some with wings.”

Pupil looked at Erika, they locked eyes and both understood what this meant.

“Plan I have. We must go to Wal-Mart.”

“Wal-Mart?” Erika asked.

“Yes, I no stutter. Maybe Dollar General too.”

Erika looked at the Senator and saw his puzzled look. All she could do is shrug her shoulders.

The sun was down, but, somehow the street lights were on. As the new army traveled down the street, the lights would pop on in front of them, and then go out after they passed. The doors to Wal-Mart slid open and the lights flickered on.

“We will proceed to Cahokia and meet up with the Nords and give them the news and prepare for your arrival.”

“Good, good. Please take Gryphon with you. If scenario changes, send him back to us with the information.”

“One thing before I go.” Senator Volar said as he reached behind his tunic. Pupil looked like a curious child trying to peer around him.

He brought out a white sheathed knife. On it’s hilt was the head of an eagle. He held it in both hands and bowed at the waist to place it in front of Pupil.

“There is only one other on this planet. It means you are under my protection. When it is drawn, if I am still alive, I will come to your aid.”

“Much more it does I am sure. Thank you for the honor.” Pupil said as he lifted it out of those giant hands and hooked it to his belt. “Cherish it I will.”

Senator Volar nodded before he turned to the revived army. “To Cahokia! Victory is at hand!” Cheers erupted from Avian and human throats alike. “We have a Ransford with us!” he shouted while gesturing towards Erika. With that the cheers turned into a roar. The Senator basked in it a moment before taking flight. The sky was soon filled by Avians and Avian ships carrying humans.

Pupil turned away and started towards the door, with Bambi close behind.

“You coming?”

Erika turned away from the spectacle and followed Pupil in.

“Cart,” he said. Erika looked at him like he was nuts. “We need a cart. Get one please.”

Erika pulled a cart out of the corral and rolled it beside him. He hopped in and pointed to the rear of the store. “To the toy department!!!”

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